Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #29

    We’re back with the 29th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending News for this week:

    GameDriver, the Gaming Industry’s First Out-of-the-Box Automated Testing Solution now available

    GameDriver Automated Testing Solution, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    GameDriver, the provider of automated testing cycles for video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive experiences, announced that its eponymous IX test automation product – the first of its kind designed specifically for the gaming and XR industries – is now widely available.

    The 2022 State of Testing™ Report by Practitest and Tea-Time With Testers

    The State of Testing Report, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    The 9th annual State of Testing report was recently released by PractiTest and Tea-Time With Testers. Hundreds of QA specialists voiced their opinions on the impact of Agile and DevOps on testing and productivity. Additionally, salaries, skills, common trends, and concepts are all included.

    How a Bug in GCP took Spotify down for more than 2 hours

    Bug in GCP took Spotify down, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    Spotify experienced a global outage on March 8 as a result of problems with its cloud-hosted service discovery system. At 18:12 UTC / 13:12 ET, the firm became aware of login issues and began applying updates to important systems at 18:39 UTC / 13:39 ET.

    BlueMeme announces partnership with mabl, a vendor providing cutting-edge intelligent testing software

    Bluememe announces partnership with Mabl, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    BlueMeme Inc. has partnered with mabl Inc., a company that offers a testing platform for agile teams that uses cutting-edge technologies to enable automated testing using a low-code approach. The two organizations will combine their technologies to create a new testing technique for large-scale business system development.

    NowSecure Announces New Pen Testing Service and Software for OWASP MASVS Compliance

    NowSecure Announces Pen Testing Service OWASP MASVS Compliance, Software Testing News, Photo from

    NowSecure announced the launch of the world’s most comprehensive mobile app pen testing service for the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) on March 23, 2022, as well as the inclusion of automated MASVS testing to the Platform.


    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    QAOps: A Software Testing Trend by Hima Pujara

    QAOps is a quickly emerging testing practice that brings the best of speed and quality to the software delivery pipelines. This article provides an overview of QAOps process.

    The Role of Proxy Serves in Application Testing by Dan

    Proxy servers are not all about accessing restricted content. Tests like localisation testing require users to use a proxy to access clients’ test environments. This article discusses what a proxy server is and its role in testing.


    Vulnerability Assessment Versus Penetration Test: What’s Best For Your Organization? by Christian Espinosa

    When it comes to vulnerability audits, many organizations are unclear whether to choose a vulnerability assessment or a penetration test to unearth their weaknesses. This article will help in deciding which option suits your organization best?

    Do you want to start your career in Hacking by A.R shukla

    Cybersecurity is a relatively interesting domain and many are interested in having a career in the same. In this article, the author has shared some resources that people can use to start learning about the domain.


    Automation Is No Silver Bullet: 3 Keys for Scaling Success by Ramiro Millan

    Thoroughly testing a software product as it evolves is as dire as it is daunting. Test automation is no silver bullet and in this article, Ramiro has written about three main drivers that can help test engineers and software delivery teams.

    7 Automation Testing Tools to Explore in 2022 by Tehseen Kiani

    The field of software testing is constantly changing and the need for automation testing is increasing day by day. In this article, Tehseen has written about 7 Automation Testing Tools that Testers must explore.

    The Future of Test Automation Requires More Than Technology by Cerberus Testing

    While new technologies are coming, the key to success lies in connecting users, processes, and technology within the test automation lifecycle. This article shares the current technology and test automation landscape before digging in the future of each test automation area.


    HowTo: Effectively Manage and Secure APIs by Lebin Cheng

    APIs are essential for modern IT innovation and digital transformation which probably makes them the most frequently attacked enterprise web application vector. In this article, Lebin has explained how users can effectively manage and secure APIs.

    API Mocking for QA and Test Engineers by Serda Uçar

    API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. In this article, the author has written about API Mocking for QA Engineers.


    What are the Best Security Testing Tools (Open Source)? by Ashley Sand

    Seeking a reliable security testing tool can be overwhelming, given how large the opsec environment has grown. In this article, the author discusses the most common security testing tools used in organizations security arsenal and why they’re helpful.

    Best Mobile App Testing Framework for Android and iOS Applications by Harish Rajora

    Mobile app testing framework helps automate the testing of native apps. It reduces test execution time and identifies bugs before the app goes live. This blog talks about some of the best Android test automation frameworks.

    Playwright: The Future of Test Automation by Afsal Backer

    In this article, Afsal has written about why Playwright an open-source, NodeJS based framework for web testing and automation is the future of test automation.


    4300$ Instagram IDOR Bug (2022) by Nawaf Alkhaldi

    In this article, Nawaf has explained how he discovered a 4300$ IDOR Bug on Instagram.

    WhatsApp Bug Bounty: Bypassing biometric authentication using voip by Arvind

    In this article, Arvind has written about how he discovered that WhatsApp’s  biometric lock  can be easily bypassed by attackers just by making a call.


    How we scaled for IPL 2021 by Srinivas Iyengar

    As IPL 2022 is ongoing, in this article Srinivas has written about how CRED scaled for IPL 2021 last year. And has also covered preparation, deployment, & learnings from scaling for large events.

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