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Here at Trending in Testing, we believe in growing together. With our Contribute to Trending in Testing initiative, we are trying to build a one-stop solution for all the news related to the field of Software Testing. With this initiative, we want to provide our audience with a platform where they can share their expertise with a global audience. If you are interested then check all the details below! 

Why Contribute to TinT?

  1. Get Recognition in the testing community and establish yourself as a trusted expert in your area of testing.
  2. Engagement with a community of software testers and get your work promoted by us.
  3. Inspire other testers by solving their problems, providing them with new ideas, strategies, and approaches, and sharing your knowledge.
  4. Gain Experience and Learn by writing down your thoughts as it will deepen your understanding and will develop your ideas.
  5. Get Rewards for working with us and be featured on all our social media platforms and get the attention your work deserves.

How to Contribute?

At Trending in Testing you can contribute in two ways:

    1. Submit a News: Here we are looking to get any news related to Software Testing from our community. Just provide us with the News Idea and a brief description of it and we’ll do the rest of the work and provide you with the News credit. Fill this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
    2. Submit an Article: Here we are inviting members of the Software Testing community to write on our platform and become a Trending in Testing author. Submit your article with the title and we’ll make some changes if required and publish it with your permission and make you an author on our page. You can submit your articles in two ways:
        1. You are required to mail us an outline of your article along with the title at the email mentioned below or you can even send us a complete draft written in a Google Doc with the editing rights given to trendingintesting[at]
        2. You can also submit your articles by filling this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What do we expect from your Contribution?

  1. Originality: The work you share with us should be 100% original and free from any kind of plagiarism.
  2. Word Count: The minimum word count we are expecting is 500 and there’s no maximum limit and can depend on the topic you are writing on.
  3. Content and Title: You will have full freedom of writing and giving a title to your work. However, we might have to make some changes to the content and the title. All the changes will be made after informing you about them and with your consent.
  4. Citations and Links: You are allowed to quote from a credible source and should give the necessary credits to the source and you can even link to appropriate external websites.
  5. Tone: We aren’t targeting anyone here and are on a mission to provide unbiased news and we expect the same from you.
  6. About you: Before your contribution starts, we would need a photo and a short biography of you. All the information will be featured on the website.

Looking forward to work with you!