BlueMeme announces partnership with mabl, a vendor providing cutting-edge intelligent testing software

    BlueMeme Inc. has partnered with mabl Inc., a company based in the United States that offers a testing platform for agile teams that uses cutting-edge technologies to enable automated testing using a low-code approach. The two organizations will combine their technologies to create a new testing technique for large-scale business system development, as well as collaborate to promote DX in Japanese businesses.

    About BlueMeme Inc.

    BlueMeme is a market leader in assisting Japanese firms in internalizing system development through its development process, which combines low-code development and agile approaches. BlueMeme supports in-house system development and DX of its customers with innovative entrusted development, advising, and training to contribute to Japanese enterprises’ international competitiveness.

    Masanori Matsuoka, CEO of BlueMeme said, “mabl’s low-code test automation platform is the finest product offering a range of functions required for large-scale agile development, such as API auto-testing and AI-based automated test case modification. By developing new software testing methodologies together, we hope to meet the rapidly growing need for in-house system development utilizing agile and low-code, and create a new era of software testing.”

    About Mabl

    mabl is a test automation firm that enables high-speed software development teams to incorporate automated end-to-end testing throughout the development lifecycle. It provides a low-code testing platform for agile teams that makes use of cutting-edge technology to enable automated testing.

    Izzy Azeri, Co-Founder of mabl said,” we’re honored to partner with BlueMeme in developing an agile, scalable software testing methodology. Their leadership in digital transformation is unparalleled, and we’re looking forward to helping more Japanese businesses embrace quality-centric development with low-code intelligent test automation.”

    In terms of system quality management, the testing process in system development is critical. However, quality control and high expenses have been a big issue with the use of automated testing technologies that take a significant amount of time to design and maintain test scripts – especially in projects using agile methodologies and low-code development.

    BlueMeme’s “AGILE-DX,” which has made low-code development and agile techniques more efficient, and mabl’s intelligent test automation solution will be used in this partnership to provide a unique and more productive testing approach for medium and large-scale system development. With the use of automation technologies, Japanese organizations will be able to enhance the efficiency of system development and speed in-house development, as well as DX.

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