The 2022 State of Testing™ Report by Practitest and Tea-Time With Testers

    The 9th annual State of Testing report was recently completed by PractiTest and Tea-Time With Testers. Hundreds of QA specialists voiced their opinions on the impact of Agile and DevOps on testing and productivity. Additionally, salaries, skills, common trends, and concepts are all included.

    What is the State of Testing Report?

    The State of Testing report aims to highlight the current characteristics, practices, and difficulties facing the testing community to throw light on them and spark a productive conversation about how to improve them. The final report is translated into multiple languages and distributed worldwide, extending the study’s reach and effect in the QA community.

    The number of participants has grown each year, making the final report even more important as a summary of testing trends, issues, and features.

    This year’s report is divided into four sections and they are as follows:

    • Section 1 – Demographics and Background
    • Section 2 – Methodologies and Processes
    • Section 3 – The Impacts of Agile & DevOps
    • Section 4 – Personal Perspective

    Here’s an overview of the Report:

    • The 2022 survey majorly reported responses from 31% Test Architects/QA Engineers, 25% Test Leads/Managers/Directors, 14% Testers/Test Analysts, and 11% Automation Testers.
    • Agile and DevOps top the numbers for methodologies used by teams. With, 38% reporting DevOps and 86% reporting Agile or Agile-like development models or principles used in their organizations.
    • The survey reported a decrease in the number of testers in the teams as compared to previous years. With 8% reporting that they’re the only testers in their organizations.
    • More than 45% of respondents reported that Test Automation has replaced at least half (or more) of their testing efforts.
    • The survey also reported that only about 25% of the people that have taken part in the survey have adapted their testing and Quality Assurance process to the challenges and the opportunities provided by DevOps practices.

    As organisations’ procedures evolve over time, the issues that testers face are shifting. The survey also revealed that testing teams are getting smaller over time as testers become more integrated into Agile teams, and that automation is increasing as testing time is decreased and tool technology improves. Furthermore, it is critical to accept this challenge and realise how 2022 will be a year of transformation.

    Interested people can access the full report on the State of Testing™.

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