Testing Engineer is the most sought digital job in 2022: Report

    This year’s high demand for top tech talent reflects an increase in the adoption of digital business models by businesses of all sizes. With Indian IT giants and new-age startups adopting upskilling as a strategy to address the rising talent gap in India, testing engineer was the most sought job role in the September-November quarter of this year, said Quess, business services provider in a report.

    Testing has experienced an 18 percent growth in the overall number of vacant opportunities in Sept-Nov 2021, comparing it to Jun-Aug 2021, putting it at the top of the list for digital skills in demand. Platform Technologies was ranked at 2nd position. Similarly, Java Technologies remains in the top five, with demand for roles in Cloud Infrastructure (131 percent) and Data Analytics (454%) growing at an exponential rate.

    Top 5 digital skills in demand this year

    The global demand for digital skills in 2021 (April-November) is similar to the demand in September-November of that year. Testing (12%), Java (10%), Platform Technologies (9%), Cloud Infra (5%), Database Technologies (5%), Business Analysts (4%), and Data Analytics (3%) are the top digital skill domains for April to November 2021. A city-by-city breakdown reveals that IT hubs reigned supreme, with Bengaluru (40%), followed by Hyderabad (20%), Pune (18%), Chennai (10%), and NCR (5%).

    When looking at the total geographical spread for the top five digital talents, Bengaluru had the largest demand for each digital skill by a wide margin: Testing Technologies (43%), Platform Technologies (85%), Java Technologies (41%), Cloud Infra Technologies (65%), and Data Analytics (65%). (62 percent ). Hyderabad also has a high demand for Testing Technology workers, accounting for 28% of the total demand.

    What has led to this demand?

    The spike in demand for digital skills is fueled by the digital economy’s growth, which is fueled by tech giants’ expanding Cloud adoption. Large digital transformation deals, hybrid cloud adoption, front-end, and back-end system automation, and investments in tech-enabled assets have fueled corporate growth and personnel recruiting sprees in the final quarter of 2021.

    As the demand for automation grows, precision in operations becomes increasingly important. As a result, the testing area leads the pack in terms of digital skills, as system validation and quality control are critical for corporate survival.

    “With the slow opening of borders, we expect to see more opportunities arising in Tier 2 cities. Talent may also leave the country, as international borders open and give way to lucrative offers. However, with Omicron playing spoilsport, the industry’s back-to-office plans have been foiled,” said Vijay Sivaram, CEO, Quess IT Staffing.

    According to a report by market intelligence firm UnearthInsight, India’s IT services industry is expected to recruit over 450,000 gross employees in the second half of FY22. To serve this personnel stream, unique talent solutions are being developed, ensuring a faster time to hire and lower costs.

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