Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #32

    We’re back with the 32nd edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    Virtuoso launches the world’s first Live Authoring capability

    Virtuoso launches Live Authoring capability, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Virtuoso, the global leader in hyperautomated testing announced the launch of new Live Authoring Capability. Users will be able to author, perform, and validate their tests in real-time. Furthermore, this is the world’s first live Authoring capability.

    Critical flaw in ALAC could have let hackers control millions of Android devices

    Critical ALAC flaw could have let hackers commandeer millions of Android devices, Software Testing News, Photo by

    A recent flaw discovered by researchers in ALAC could have enabled hackers to take control of millions of Android smartphones using Qualcomm and MediaTek mobile chipsets, according to security experts.

    Mabl extends Low-code Test Automation Platform to include Accessibility Testing

    Mabl Test Automation Platform to Include Accessibility Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    mabl, the pioneer in intelligent test automation as a service, announced the inclusion of automated accessibility testing in its integrated quality engineering platform. The new tool, which is now in beta, allows software developers to detect and remedy accessibility issues earlier in the development process.

    Katalon, leader in AI-assisted test automation announced the general release of TestCloud

    Katalon TestCloud, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Katalon, Inc., the leader in AI-assisted test automation, announced on 27th April 2022 the general release of TestCloud, a cloud-hosted solution that enables on-demand, adaptable, and secure multi-browser testing environments.

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


    112 Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers by Rabindra Gaurab

    In this article, Rabindra has combined a list of 112 Questions along with their answers that are really important for Manual Testing Interviews.

    Dev Box Testing by Jolivé Hodehou

    Dev Box Testing is the first set of tests performed on the development engine before the code is sent to the repository for review. In this article, Jolivé has written about why Dev Box Testing is an interesting practice that you should adopt.


    Penetration testing: A needed defense against cyber threats by Tom Brennan

    An increasing array of organizations now conduct penetration testing because of the increasing threat from real cyberattacks. In this article, the author has emphasized on the importance of penetration testing and has also advised how new organization’s can start with it.

    What A Cybersecurity Shift-Left Means For SaaS Companies And Their Customers by Jim Goldman

    Integrating cybersecurity assessments into the development process early so vulnerabilities can be discovered earlier refers to as a Shift-Left strategy. In this article, the author has written about what Shift-Left means for SaaS Companies and their customers.

    25+ Vulnerable websites to practice your ethical hacking skills by Security Boulevard

    Ethical Hacking has emerged and has opened many different avenues for IT and cyber security professionals. In this article, the author has given an overview of ‘Ethical Hacking’ and has listed 25+ websites where people can practice their skills.

    15 Cybersecurity Blogs to follow by Vikas Banage

    Keeping yourself updated in your domain is extremely important in today’s world. In this article, Vikas has a compiled a list of 15 Cybersecurity Blogs that every Cybersecurity enthusiast must follow and read to keep themselves updated.


    Top 5 QA/SDET Automation Bootcamps by Justin Bailey

    A bootcamp has a set curriculum and all the information is given to you and for some people it is easier to stick with something if they are financially invested in it. In this article, Justin has listed the top 5 QA/SDET Automation Bootcamps.

    Software Automation Testing: Key Metrics to Keep in Mind by Chris Bateson

    Test automation metrics seek to provide teams with insights about the test automation process. Every single KPI identified in this process offers teams crucial information. In this article, Chris has written about benefits of analyzing such metrics and also the challenges associated with them


    Importance of API Automation Testing by Manish Saini

    API testing is critical for automation testing and the CI/CD process because it can cope with short release cycles and frequent changes. In this article, Manish has written about the importance of API Testing and why is it required.


    What are the Best Automated Penetration Testing Tools in 2022? by Rohan Mathawan

    The process of penetration testing can be a lot time consuming if done manually. This is where automated penetration testing tools come in. They automate the process of pentesting, making it easier and faster for you to find and fix vulnerabilities. This article lists the best Automated Penetration Testing Tools in 2022.

    How to Automate API Testing Using Postman by Saloni Saraiya

    APIs are the heart of any backend application and Testing the same APIs again and again is tiring. In this article, Saloni has shared a solution for this and has demonstrated how you can automate API testing using Postman.


    How I bypassed 403 forbidden domain using a simple trick by Jan Muhammad Zaidi

    The HTTP 403 is an HTTP status code meaning access to the requested resource is forbidden. In this article, the author has demonstrated how he was able to bypass 403 forbidden domain using a simple trick.

    Complete Guide To Start Bug Bounty In 2022 by Surendra Pander

    In this article, Surendra has given an overview of Bug Bounty in 2022. He has written about the basic requirements before starting bug bounty, what users need to learn, and how to start doing bug bounty hunting in real world.


    21 Tips for QA Professionals by Manish Saini

    The Test Chat Community recently organised the #21days21tips initiative on LinkedIn. In this article, Manish has compiled all his 21 tips that he would like to share with all QA professionals.

    Does psychology influence your test experiments? by Rahul Parwal

    Like in any other field, Biases and prejudices can be very risky for Testing. It’s important to have a investigative attitude whenever you feel you are getting biased. In this article, Rahul has compiled a list of such questions that you can ask yourself to.

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