Mabl extends Low-code Test Automation Platform to include Accessibility Testing

    mabl, the pioneer in intelligent test automation as a service, announced on 27th April 2022 the inclusion of automated accessibility testing in its integrated quality engineering platform. The new tool, which is now in beta, allows software developers to detect and remedy accessibility issues earlier in the development process as part of their end-to-end testing operations before they affect end users.

    About Mabl

    Mabl is a test automation firm that helps high-speed software companies integrate automated end-to-end testing across the development lifecycle. Users of the test automation platform have access to a centralized platform for quickly building, performing, and maintaining credible tests, resulting in faster delivery of high-quality applications.

    “Accessibility is a critical area of quality, as well as an ethical concern that impacts every company – and particularly those with public-facing applications or websites,” said mabl co-founder Dan Belcher. “Mabl now empowers quality teams to lead the way in proactively mitigating accessibility issues long before they reach customers, resulting in a better user experience and avoiding costly defects.”

    How will this integration help users?

    • Quality engineering teams may quickly integrate automated accessibility evaluations into their delivery pipelines with the help of mabl.
    • Accessibility evaluations are completely integrated into the low-code test automation platform for web, email, PDF, and mobile web testing, and are powered by axe-core, a prominent accessibility testing engine.
    • Accessibility testing with reactive reporting integrated into the development process makes things simpler than ever for software teams to ensure conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and 2.1.

    All mabl users, even those on a 14-day free trial, can now access the automated accessibility testing beta version. Interested people can register for the free trial here.

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