Katalon, leader in AI-assisted test automation announced the general release of TestCloud

    Katalon, Inc., the leader in AI-assisted test automation, announced on 27th April 2022 the general release of TestCloud, a cloud-hosted solution that enables on-demand, adaptable, and secure multi-browser testing environments. Without having to build or manage physical testing tools or third-party setups, TestCloud allows developers and QA teams to run automated test scripts continuously across many browsers and OS systems.

    About Katalon

    Katalon is the premier vendor of software test automation solutions, offering a flexible platform for online, API, mobile, and desktop testing that can handle teams of any size and for any objective. It’s cloud architecture helps IT departments save up to 90% on costs by reducing the number of operating systems, devices, and browsers that developers and testers must deal with. The company has earned the trust of a worldwide community spanning many industries and more than 160 nations.

    “Developers and testers need access to a variety of environments to ensure the consistency and reliability of their applications on the most popular browsers and platforms,” said Katalon CEO Vu Lam. “TestCloud eliminates having to deploy, maintain, and support dedicated test execution environments, or third-party tools to accomplish this goal. For current Katalon users with limited bandwidth to deploy local environments to test with KRE, TestCloud provides a way to expand their bandwidth and add extra configurations to their testing pipeline.”

    TestCloud, as part of the Katalon platform, provides QA teams with several advantages which are as follows:

    • Easy to use – On-demand accessibility to testing environments without the need to set up or manage testing setups manually.
    • Scalable – Users can create as many environments as they require, whenever they need them.
    • Secure – Every stage of the testing process in TestCloud has enterprise-grade security embedded.
    • Seamless – TestCloud enables QA teams to effortlessly adjust to new testing standards, whether they’re used to support multiple browsers and versions, or during a period when test executions are in high demand to strengthen important business activities.

    Katalon platform customers may access an end-to-end testing workflow with TestCloud, where they can write scripts in Katalon Studio, run them in TestCloud, coordinate the full testing process, and obtain results in Katalon TestOps, all from the same account.

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