Virtuoso launches the world’s first Live Authoring capability

    Virtuoso, the global leader in hyperautomated testing announced on 19th April 2022, the launch of new Live Authoring Capability. Users will be able to author, perform, and validate their tests in real-time. Furthermore, this is the world’s first live Authoring capability.

    The new set of features allows bots to validate tests as they are developed, allowing customers to determine when their test is ready to use. Customers of Virtuoso have seen test authoring times lowered by a whopping 98x in recent trials.

    About Virtuoso

    Virtuoso is the world’s foremost self-contained testing platform for web applications. The platform enables customers to improve testing accuracy while reducing the level of human effort required to test their web applications. The platform analyses the app to make testing easier and more efficient.

    How does the Live Authoring Capability works?

    Users can just write their test once, see that it has been tested, and then move on to identifying genuine defects rather than troubleshooting tests. All of this happens in an instant and at a never-before-seen speed. Virtuoso’s new Live Authoring capability not only addresses the traditional Q&A testing that many organizations regard as a major challenge, but also introduces an entirely new and unique way to spin release, and test in real-time.

    “Live authoring is everything I had hoped for and more. Being able to debug and guarantee that our test steps work is transformative because of the speed at which we can now ensure quality” – Steven Baughan, Senior QA at Virtual1.

    The workflow of Virtuoso’s new Live Authoring platform is as follows:

    • Tests can be written at an unrivaled speed and scale.
    • In the test automation approach, incorporate robotic processes.
    • The tests will be ready to run as soon as they are finished.
    • With no ramp-up, users can automate tests in-sprint.

    For more details, interested people can watch this webinar on – ‘How to get in sprint test automation with Live Authoring‘.

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