Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #27

    We’re back with the 27th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending News for this week:

    Indian IT services industry is predicted to increase by $30 billion this fiscal year states Nasscom Strategic Review

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    According to the Nasscom Strategic Review, the Indian IT services industry added 4.5 lakh new hires in a single year, the highest amount ever, with women accounting for 44 percent of those hired. The IT industry today employs over 1.8 million women, making it the largest private-sector employer of women.

    New Open-source Xray Maven Plugin launched

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    The new open-source Xray Maven plugin for interfacing with Xray developed by Sérgio Freire is used in CI/CD to help with test automation routines like submitting test results back to Xray and, as a result, Jira.

    Ministry of Testing announces The Big Call for Papers for TestBash Conferences

    Ministry of Testing - The Big Call for Papers, TestBash, Trending im Testing, Photo from

    Ministry of Testing has recently announced the opening of the call for papers for 7 different TestBashes. Furthermore, they are holding a six-week event called The Big Call For Papers in honor of this big chance for community members to speak at one or more of their TestBash events.

    ProArch Acquires Fast-Growing QA, QE Firm Enhops

    ProArch Acquires Enhops, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    ProArch, a digital transformation, modernization, and managed services company, announced that it has acquired Enhops, a software testing and QA firm. ProArch will be able to expand its strategic footprint in the rapidly increasing software and quality assurance market, as a result of the acquisition.

    Test at Scale by LambdaTest goes Opensource

    Test at Scale by LambdaTest, Trending in Testing Software Testing news, Photo from

    LambdaTest’s ‘Test at Scale‘ is a smart test execution platform that helps engineering teams achieve high development velocity. Test at Scale aids in speeding up testing, reducing task times, and receiving faster feedback on code changes, as well as managing flaky tests.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    How to Get a Job in Software Testing as a Fresher? by Rahul Parwal

    Technology & Software is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world today. In this article, Rahul has written about about some tips & ideas on How freshers can get a job in software testing.

    Five clever ideas to elevate your testing team to the next level by Prashant Hegde

    Building effective teams is a necessity for every testing leader today. In this article, Prashant has written about some ideas that will help leaders to maximize their team’s engagement and productivity.

    Why Scriptless testing is in trend? by Prachi Dahibhate

    Scriptless Test Automation enables testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. In this article, Prachi shows why Scriptless testing is trending and what are it’s advantages.

    Why ML Testing could be the Future of Data Science Careers? by Nasreen Parvez

    In the field of data science and machine learning (ML), there is a great opportunity to study and expand the possibilities of testing and assessing quality. This article is an overview of ML Testing and Why is it required in Data Science Careers?


    The Best Practices of Security Testing by Michael Johnson

    Cyber attacks and data breaches are at an all-time high, so the damage they do can be irrevocable. In this article, Mic has given an overview of Security Testing and has also listed some important security testing practices that testers should keep in mind.


    Balancing the Test Automation Pyramid by Matt Bailey

    The test pyramid is a model first put into print by Mike Cohn in his book Succeeding with Agile. The general idea that the pyramid tries to get across is that the testing strategy should be built on a strong foundation of Unit tests, as these are generally quick, deterministic and relatively simple.

    The crucial role of test scenarios, especially in automation by Gerie Owen

    In this article, Gerie has written about test scenarios, including their direct connection with test cases, how to develop effective test scenarios that accelerate QA processes and the role they play in determining which tests are sensible targets for automation.

    IT jobs: 7 hot automation skills in 2022 by Kevin Casey

    Automation skills are essential for IT professionals these days. Check out this article to find the list of seven specific aspects of automation – some technical, others not so much – that are in particularly high demand in 2022.


    Testing a Rails API with RSpec by Karim Marabet

    In this article, Karim demonstrates how to test the GET, POST, and DELETE methods of your Ruby on Rails API-only application using the most popular Ruby testing framework — RSpec.

    Implementing API Testing Automation by Security Boulevard

    API testing automation is a process of automating the API testing process. In this article, the author has given and overview of API Testing Automation and has listed 9 tips for the implementation of the same.


    Best API Testing Tools in 2022 by Cloudytechi

    API is essential for the legitimate integrations, functionality, and performance of a software item. Check out this article to find the list of probably the best API testing tools in 2022.

    Write first test using TestNG framework by Fareena Imran

    In this article, Fareena has shared her experience to educate others about how they can start writing their first program on the TestNG framework.


    How I found a critical P1 bug in 5 minutes using a cellphone — Bug Bounty by Mr Empy

    In this article, the author has written about a critical bug that he discovered using a cellphone when he received a private invitation from a Bug Bounty program.

    9-Year-Old Unpatched Email Hacking Bug Uncovered in Horde Webmail Software by Ravie Lakshmanan

    In this article, the author has written about a nine-year-old unpatched security vulnerability in the Horde Webmail software that could be abused to gain complete access to email accounts simply by previewing an attachment.


    Top 5 Not-So-Obvious Mistakes Teams Make When Developing an MVP by SimbirSoft

    Building a minimum viable product (MVP) has become a standard practice in the two decades. Read this article to learn what mistakes can both a client and a contractor encounter when developing an MVP, and how to avoid them.

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