Ministry of Testing announces The Big Call for Papers for TestBash Conferences

    Ministry of Testing has recently announced the opening of the call for papers for 7 different TestBashes. Furthermore, they are holding a six-week event called The Big Call For Papers in honor of this big chance for community members to speak at one or more of their TestBash events.

    About TestBash

    Within the Ministry of Testing, TestBash conferences have become the most awaited software testing conferences. All attendees and speakers can expect to discover a global software testing community gathering in a friendly, professional, and safe setting to learn from one another and advance their careers at TestBash. Furthermore, TestBash also provides opportunities where people can interact with each other, sponsors, and speakers.

    What is The Big Call For Papers?

    To give everyone the best chance to speak at upcoming TestBashes, the Ministry of Testing is delivering content and events for the next three weeks to help people overcome hurdles like:

    • Deciding the thing users want to talk about at TestBash.
    • Getting down to specifics of what you want to share.
    • Improving your abstracts to improve your chances of being approved

    Throughout The Big Call For Papers, the Ministry will provide users with tips, tricks, and opportunities in the form of articles, videos, social questions, and events that they may attend to assist them to submit their best paper.

    For more details about the same interested people can visit Ministry of Testing – The Big Call for Papers.

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