Test at Scale by LambdaTest goes Opensource

    LambdaTest’s ‘Test at Scale‘ is a smart test execution platform that helps engineering teams achieve high development velocity. Test at Scale aids in speeding up testing, reducing task times, and receiving faster feedback on code changes, as well as managing flaky tests.

    Development teams have no idea which test cases were affected by their most recent code modifications. As a result, teams continue to run all of the tests in every job, which is unnecessary and only leads to:

    1. Low Productivity
    2. Expensive Resources
    3. Slow Release Cycles
    4. Clogged Pipelines

    And that’s where Test at Scale comes in, allowing developers and engineering executives to:

    • Integrate Easily – TAS integrates testing knowledge into users’ current processes.
    • Test Smartly – TAS picks and runs only the tests that are affected by the code modifications.
    • Deliver Frequently – TAS reduces test times, allowing developers to deliver more quickly.

    Features of Test at Scale are as follows:

    • Smart test selection allows you to run only the tests that are affected by a commit.
    • Based on prior execution times, a smart auto grouping of tests is used to evenly divide test execution across many containers.
    • Insights into test runs and metrics of execution.
    • Advanced analytics to uncover performance and data quality issues.
    • Raw commands in pre and post steps can be used to customize the testing environment.
    • All major languages and frameworks are easily adaptable.

    Test at Scale Tutorials

    For more details about ‘Test at Scale’ visit:

    About LambdaTest

    LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform and online selenium grid that helps with both manual and automatic browser compatibility testing. Around 300K browsers, browser versions, and operating system environments trust the platform and it is used by over 500 companies and 600,000 individuals in over 130 countries.

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