LambdaTest integrates with Datadog to enable smooth issue reporting and collaboration among teams

    LambdaTest, a prominent test execution platform, announced on 28th January that it has integrated with Datadog, Inc., a cloud application monitoring and security platform. The Datadog Marketplace now has this integration available.

    About LambdaTest

    LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform and online selenium grid that helps with both manual and automatic browser compatibility testing. Around 300K browsers, browser versions, and operating system environments trust LambdaTest and it is used by over 500 companies and 600,000 individuals in over 130 countries.

    “Since our inception, we have consistently worked towards ensuring that LambdaTest platform remains a part of the integrated testing ecosystem. Developers and testers use multiple tools to do their jobs and it’s important that these tools talk with each other. This new integration, which is now part of the 120+ integrations stable of LambdaTest, will enable smooth issue reporting and collaboration among testing and development teams. We will continuously look to increase our integrations in the times to come to ensure ease of work for our end-users,” said Asad Khan, CEO, LambdaTest.

    Users will now be able to purchase a LambdaTest subscription through the Datadog Marketplace thanks to the LambdaTest and Datadog integration. Users can go to the integration tile to start feeding data into Datadog after their LambdaTest account is set up. Additionally, while performing cross-browser testing of websites from the LambdaTest platform to Datadog, users will be able to log bugs. LambdaTest will include test run details such as the testing environment, browser version, OS, resolution, screenshots, and custom comments automatically.

    “We’re excited to partner with LambdaTest for their offering on the Datadog Marketplace,” said Michael Gerstenhaber, Senior Director of Product Management at Datadog. “Offering LambdaTest’s integration will enable seamless incident management for users, so that they can send any bug reported on LambdaTest directly to the Datadog incident dashboard easily and without added steps.”

    LambdaTest provides automation testing on a cloud grid that is scalable, secured, and dependable. Users can build tests in real-time on the company’s cloud infrastructure for quick and thorough feedback. With concurrent test execution, users can reduce commit-to-deploy time by tenfold and even debug while on the move.

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