New Open-source Xray Maven Plugin launched

    The new open-source Xray Maven plugin for interfacing with Xray developed by Sérgio Freire is used in CI/CD to help with test automation routines like submitting test results back to Xray and, as a result, Jira. This plugin is a completely new implementation, written from the scratch, and should not be confused with Xray’s proprietary maven plugin.

    It makes use of Xray’s public APIs, which may have some limitations that also apply to this plugin and are listed below:

    The Xray Maven Plugin is developed and maintained in an open-source manner. Importing test automation results follows the same general flow as returning them to Xray. The flow is slightly different for Gherkin-based frameworks like SpecFlow, Behave, etc., and requires additional phases which can be viewed here.

    For more details about the same visit – GitHub – Xray Maven Plugin.

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