Testsigma releases Open Source Community Edition for the QA community

    Testsigma has launched an Open Source version of their tool called Community Edition for the QA community.

    The core features consist of

    • An integrated test automation engine
    • Create tests 5X faster in English
    • Run tests across 800+ browsers and 2000+ devices on the cloud
    • Endless customization with add-ons

    Check the project repo at GitHub here.

    About Testsigma

    Testsigma is a new, integrated approach to test automation that unifies the broken test stack. It contains all the necessary components you need to automate tests for web apps, mobile apps, and APIs, instantly without any complex setup or integration effort.

    Testsigma is used by several industry-leading companies like Freshworks, IEE, American Physiological Association, HP to name a few.

    “Our aim with the Community edition is to build a complete Test Automation platform for the present and the future alongside its most important stakeholders – the user. The objective of going open source is to build a scalable and extendable test automation platform with a collaborative approach that finally and decisively bridges the gap between development and testing”, says KR, Founder and CEO of Testsigma.

    How Testsigma is enabling faster, scalable test automation?

    Currently, the testing ecosystem lacks standardization and uniformity. The use of a test automation framework in any project becomes a parallel development project in itself. But this process requires time, resources, and plenty of planning.

    “What we’re trying to do at Testsigma is not only improve the speed of testing but also bring sustainable scalability that helps teams focus on the testing rather than the maintaining of scripts and frameworks”.

    Here’s how we are enabling that:

    1. A platform that’s extremely easy to use and enables all members of product teams to collaborate on testing.
    2. Bringing powerful extensibility through add-ons but without complex development or integration effort.
    3. Works for any techstack, or application type regardless of programming language or codebase.

    In addition, Testsigma has in-built reporting, test management, test data management as well as seamless one-click integrations with several popular tools such as Jenkins, Jira, Slack, and Trello.

    So how to get started?

    For a self-hosted instance of Testsigma please check the Github project repo. Any configuration set-up or installation is not required. Just deploy it on your system and start using it right away!

    If you wish, you can sign-up for a free trial of the cloud-based version. Full information that you may require for using the platform is found here in our Documentation portal.

    Join the Testsigma Community

    Join, connect and share your valuable reviews, thoughts on the Discord server. Here you can connect with the most innovative and enthusiastic test automation tribe across the world. Join the server.

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