Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #26

    We’re back with the 26th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending News for this week:

    Testsigma releases Open Source Community Edition for the QA community

    Testsigma releases Open Source Community, Trending in Testing, Photo from

    Testsigma has officially announced the launch of Open Source version of their tool called Community Edition for the QA community. With this, users will now be able to run tests across 800+ browsers and 2000+ devices on the cloud.

    Building innovation culture in your Quality Engineering team

    Building Innovation Culture in your Quality Engineering Teams, Photo from

    The ultimate objective of QA is to ensure that the stakeholders’ needs are met and continuously improved by removing deficiencies. This article is about top defining factors that set up Quality Engineering organizations as a major source of innovation to firms.

    Tricentis Acquires AI-based SaaS Test Automation Platform Testim

    Tricentis Acquires AI-based SaaS Test Automation Platform Testim, Photo from

    Tricentis announced on 9th February, the acquisition of Testim, an AI-based SaaS test automation platform. Tricentis’ AI-powered continuous testing platform will be extended by Testim, which will assist the firms to simplify test automation and enable organizations to rapidly and simply build durable end-to-end tests.

    TestZeus UI automation framework built specifically for Salesforce

    TestZeus UI Automation Framework for Salesforce, Photo from

    Automation for Salesforce can be a complex task and the majority of the platform’s release shakes up UI Automation tests. To get rid of this issue and find a solution for Salesforce Automation tests, Robin Gupta has designed TestZeus, an open source automation framework built specifically for Salesforce.

    BrowserStack Announces the Launch of BrowserStack Champions

    BrowserStack Champions, Trending in Testing, Photo from

    BrowserStack announced the launch of BrowserStack Champions, a community program to recognize, honor, and bring together software testing and development global leaders. The program aims at promoting a vibrant community of experts who share knowledge, collaborate, and help move the world of Testing and DevOps forward.

    Microsoft’s Test Base can be used to test numerous versions of Windows

    Microsoft Test Base, Trending in Testing, Photo from

    Microsoft’s Test Base combines Azure’s power with the company’s dedication to development. Developers can use Test Base to test their programs against numerous versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10, including pre-release versions, all from a single client.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Top Challenges Faced By New Testing Leaders and How to Overcome Them by Prashant Hegde

    Becoming a testing leader is an exciting opportunity for every tester to make an impact. However, stepping into it brings challenges and can be daunting. Prashant has written about some of the top challenges faced by new testing leaders.

    7 Testing Communities from where I learn something new (almost) everyday by Rahul Parwal

    Communities are an amazing way to learn a lot of new things. In this article, Rahul has listed the top 7 testing communities that help him in learning a lot of new things.

    The challenges of automated performance testing for retail apps by Retail Technology Innovation Hub

    Performance testing, also referred to as load testing, is one of the most important types of testing when it comes to retail apps. In this article, the author has written about some of the challenges faced in automated performance testing for retail apps.

    Change in the World of Testing – New Misconceptions from Old Folklore by Benjamin Bischoff and Maaret Pyhäjärvi

    In the field of testing, there are peculiar stories we perpetuate. This article covers a few of these modern myths – particularly those related to testing, the role of testers, how testing is done, and who does it.


    10 API security testing tools to mitigate risk by Michael Cobb

    API security testing ensures APIs work as designed and can only do what they are intended to. In this article, Michael has listed 10 API security testing tools to mitigate risk.

    Improving Software Security in 2022 by Pieter Danhieux

    The recent Log4j vulnerability showed how quickly a security bug could disrupt not just an industry, but the entire world. Agencies must adopt a more proactive approach to cybersecurity by improving software code quality. This article demonstrates how it can be done.


    Codeless Automation Testing 2022 by QA Talks Community

    Codeless testing refers to an approach where test cases are automated without the use of code. In this article, the author has given and overview of Codeless Automation Testing along with advantages and disadvantages.

    The Future of Test Automation Requires More Than Technology by Cerberus Testing

    While new technologies are coming, the key to success lies in connecting users and processes within the test automation lifecycle. This article shares the test automation landscape before digging in the future of each test automation area.


    API Testing using SuperTest! by Mohammad Faisal Khatri

    SuperTest is a Node.js library that helps in testing APIs. It extends another library called superagent, a JavaScript HTTP client for Node.js and the browser. In this article, the author has given an overview of API Testing using SuperTest.

    End to End API Testing using rest-assured by Mohammad Faisal Khatri

    REST-Assured is a Java library that provides a domain-specific language (DSL) for writing powerful, maintainable tests for RESTful APIs. In this article, the author has given an overview of End to End API Testing using rest-assured.


    Reasons to Choose an Open-Source Test Automation Tool by Prashant Hegde

    Today’s competitive world demands Quality at Speed with minimal costs. To meet this demand, tester’s rely on test automation tools. Prashant has written about why users should choose Open-Source Test Automation Tool to meet this demand.

    Cypress Test Automation: Configure the Framework to Execute Scripts in Multiple Environments by Dilusha Rasangi Kumarage

    Multiple execution environments ensure that our application is rigorously tested before it is deployed. In this article, Dilusha has written the steps to configure Cypress to execute Scripts in Multiple Environments.

    Most Popular Front End Automation Testing Tools in 2022 by Bethany Wilson

    The right type of front-end automation testing tool can prove to be of great worth for carrying out software development activities. Check out this article to find the most popular front end automation testing tools in 2022.

    Top 10 tools that I use daily to make my life easy by Rahul Parwal

    Finding the right tool comes after a huge hidden cost of evaluation, learning, and experimentation. In this article, Rahul has listed 10 tools that he uses daily to make life easier.


    Bug Tracking Software Market Key Trends and Forecast Research Report 2030 by Gopal Gahirwar

    Bug tracking software enables to detect bugs in software projects and resolve them. Check out this to find the. Bug Tracking Software Market Key Trends and Forecast Research Report 2030.

    My first valid Bug Bounty in Hackerone Program and my first $500 bounty by Blublu

    In this article, the author has shared his experience of finding XSS File Upload in hackerone program and has explained XSS file upload.


    Reminiscing over 2021!! by Pricilla Bilavendran

    In this article, Pricilla has written written about her 2021 and has shared her new experiences and how she moved out of her comfort zone to try out new things.

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