Tricentis Acquires AI-based SaaS Test Automation Platform Testim

    Tricentis, a leading platform for modern cloud and business applications announced on 9th February, the acquisition of Testim, an AI-based SaaS test automation platform. Tricentis’ AI-powered continuous testing platform will be extended by Testim, which will assist the firms to simplify test automation and enable organizations to rapidly and simply build durable end-to-end tests.

    About Testim

    Organizations must move faster than ever before in today’s digital market to deliver rapid innovation without sacrificing quality. Traditional testing frameworks, on the other hand, are slow, necessitate substantial coding knowledge, are difficult to scale, and frequently break when applications change. Testim solves these problems by providing AI-powered SaaS test automation that makes test creation simpler.

    “Tricentis aims to help customers deliver better business outcomes by producing high-quality, high-performing, and highly secure applications, no matter where or what the app might be,” said Kevin Thompson, Chairman, and CEO of Tricentis. “The addition of Testim expands our already formidable lineup of testing products further into Saas and the DevOps space.”

    Customers who want to use cloud-based testing capabilities with flexible consumption models will be able to use Testim’s existing Tricentis SaaS products, which will be expanded and strengthened. Customers of Tricentis have the option of self-hosting with an annual subscription model or using SaaS with consumption-based pricing to find the goods and services that best suit their needs. Customers can mix and match product features to meet their needs because of the common data model and cross-product interfaces.

    “We are very excited to join Tricentis,” said Oren Rubin, Founder, and CEO of Testim. “Tricentis has built a comprehensive offering to support the full testing lifecycle across the enterprise application landscape. The unique capabilities of both companies complement one another perfectly, and devs around the world will enjoy a more robust, comprehensive platform and higher productivity.”

    In 2014, Testim launched AI-based testing to speed up application delivery by reducing the time it takes to author tests and automatically enhancing, debugging, and resolving test diagnostics. Testim employs self-healing methods to keep the tests reliable and the automation resilient as development teams iterate and the application evolves. Furthermore, Testim is open and flexible enough to interface with software teams’ tools and procedures, such as CICD and collaboration tools.

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