Tricentis Unveils Study titled ‘The Total Economic Impact™ of SAP Application Testing Solutions

    Tricentis, a leading platform for modern cloud and business applications announced on 2nd February the release of a new study titled ‘The Total Economic Impact™ of SAP Application Testing Solutions by Tricentis.’

    According to the data gathered by Forrester Consulting Services, Tricentis’ SAP application testing solutions provided a 334% return on investment (ROI) and considerable organizational advantages ranging more than $7.8 million over three years to the businesses studied. The consumer investments had a payback period of fewer than six months. Tricentis’ SAP application testing solutions also provided a slew of advantages that helped businesses accomplish real digital transformation.

    “Tricentis embarked on a strategic partnership with SAP in 2020 to deliver SAP Solution Extensions in response to a growing need for organizations to have automated testing solutions for their mission-critical SAP applications and migration to the cloud,” said VJ Kumar, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Tricentis. “Today, our solutions are continuing to deliver tremendous value as evidenced by this latest research from Forrester Consulting. Together, SAP and Tricentis are enabling customers to significantly reduce testing costs and accelerate software release cycles,” he added.

    Customers who used SAP application testing solutions reported lower testing expenses and faster software releases. Additionally, customers experienced smoother transitions from on-premises deployments of SAP to cloud-based SAP S/4HANA deployments by accelerating their SAP application testing practices.

    Key Findings from the Tricentis Study:

    Businesses that were interviewed by Forrester and used SAP Solution Extensions saw considerable gains across their organizations, and they are as follows:

    • Maintenance expenditures for performance tests have been reduced by 99%.
    • Costs of hypercare were reduced by 90%.
    • Test scopes have been reduced by 84%.
    • Errors in production were reduced by 78%.
    • Application time-to-release was slashed by 67%.

    Furthermore, by implementing automated application testing, application developers and the broader IT department were able to speed up their company’s digital transformation. Companies were able to adapt and respond to changes faster and more effectively by supplying solutions that improved process efficiency and company productivity.

    Interested people can download the full report by from here – ‘The Total Economic Impact™ of SAP Application Testing Solutions

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