TestZeus UI automation framework built specifically for Salesforce

    Automation for Salesforce can be a complex and tedious task and the majority of the platform’s release shakes up UI Automation tests. To get rid of this issue and find a solution for Salesforce Automation tests, Robin Gupta has designed TestZeus, an open source automation framework built specifically for Salesforce.

    The features of TestZeus are as follows:

    • For REST APIs, API integrations are available.
    • Salesforce UI elements with contextual actions.
    • Autolocators and other advanced tools.
    • Waiting mechanism for Salesforce pages
    • Basic integrations like Email , Selenium, TESTNG, MAVEN and page objects.

    To achieve UI automation, the framework’s core relies on Salesforce’s UI API. To get to know more about UI API, interested people can visit this resource – Get Started with User Interface API.

    Interested people can also view the project on GitHub.

    Video Demo:

    Interested people can watch the highlights of the TestZeus framework and a demo of the execution here.

    For more details about the framework visit here.

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