Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #5


    We’re back with the 5th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    With Applitools partnering with Sogeti and Google celebrating 10 years of its Bug Bounty Program, it has been an amazing week for the Testing community. But, it doesn’t stop here because Appium Conference for the year 2021 is also back.
    Without further ado presenting before you the latest edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter.

    Trending News for this week:

    1. Applitools partners with Sogeti on 2021 State of Artificial Intelligence applied to Quality Engineering Report – Applitools announced on the 26th of July that it has partnered with Sogeti, a Capgemini Group company, on the ‘2021 State of Artificial Intelligence applied to Quality Engineering Report.’ Sogeti brought together industry professionals to provide practical advice on design, automation, performance, data management, security, and operations.

    2. Google launches new website for reporting bugs, celebrating 10 years of its Bug Bounty Program – On the 10th anniversary of its Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP), Google introduced a new bug bounty platform. There were 11,055 bugs discovered, 2,022 researchers rewarded, and approximately $30 million in total awards under the VRP program.

    3. Appium Conference 2021 is back with insights on Appium 2.0 and more – The official Appium Conference is back for the year 2021. The conference will help in learning about Appium 2.0 which will be released soon, along with all the aspects of automating the testing of desktop, applications, mobiles, and all the other devices.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:

    Here is a list of some featured software testing blogs that were published recently by some amazing writers. Thanks to all the writers for sharing their content and knowledge with others in the Testing Community.

    1. Testing GraphQL with Karate – Karate is the single framework for API, UI, and performance tests. As part of her learning project, Katarzyna Kmiotek learned Karate DSL and used it against the GraphQL endpoint. With this post, she has demonstrated how Karate can be used for testing the GraphQL endpoint.

    2. 5 Tricks from 5 years as a Software Tester – Diogo Nunes has worked for seven companies since he became a tester 5 years ago. Here he discusses 5 problems that he faced and how he solved them during his journey.

    3. Automation Ideas Using 5W1HAutomation is a way to solve specific problems so why to automate and what to automate holds equally important along with how to automate. Dimpy Adhikary shares her thoughts on the automation process mapped into various dimensions using the 5W1H problem-solving technique.

    4. The Changing Role of Software Testing – The role of software testing is fairly straightforward: verify and validate that the product works as intended. But if you ask Testers about their role, you will be getting a variety of answers. Bridget Hughes shares her opinion on this and why is this happening.

    5. How I used communication to overcome 4 challenges as a test automation engineer – Communication is one of the most important things and is required in almost every job/profession. Here Sérgio Martins discusses how he approached some of these communication struggles with examples.

    6. When shifting security left falls off a cliff – Michael Burch introduces the concept of the Software Security Testing Lifecycle (SWSTL). He presents a high-level view of a new testing approach that he has designed along with his company for a proactive and developer-focused approach to security testing.

    7. What I learned from Mabl’s State of Testing in DevOps report 2021 Mabl’s State of Testing in DevOps report for the year 2021 was recently released and 600 people were surveyed for the same. With this article, Beth Marshall shares what she has learned from this report.

    Trending in Testing Blogs:

    1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer Career Path – Are you Ready to Begin? – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of computer software automation that allows computers to carry out business processes previously handled by humans. RPA uses software robots or “bots” which work autonomously to perform structured tasks such as data input, data processing, data manipulation, and output generation.

    2. 8 Great Resources to learn Testing and Automation in 2021 – One of the important stages in the development of the software process is software testing. There are hundreds of tools out there in the market through which the automation code can be written in numerous programming languages. Here is a list of Top 8 Resources from where you can start or improve your Testing and Automation career.

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