Katalon introduces Katalon TestOps, an open and comprehensive test orchestration platform


    Katalon, the prominent provider of software test automation solutions recently introduced Katalon TestOps, an open and extensive test orchestration platform formulated to assist businesses to streamline DevOps pipelines and scale test automation.

    “Efficient enterprise-grade DevOps are difficult to implement; there are too many knobs to turn and risks associated with it,” said Vu Lam, CEO of Katalon. “The focal point of Katalon TestOps is to allow QA teams of any size to confidently orchestrate their development and testing operations while making efficient use of their resources and ultimately increasing their ROI.”

    How will Katalon TestOps help?

    Improving efficiency and enhancing collaboration – TestOps is a command center that connects all test data and team members into a shared tight feedback loop, trying to improve collaboration between development and QA teams. In addition to optimizing ROI, TestOps focuses on decreasing the number of manual processes involved in software test execution. Furthermore, teams can now optimize test runs with the help of new features like smart test schedulers and test planning systems.

    Defining the future of efficient test orchestration – The rising demand and need for complex software have inspired QA teams to seek ways to innovate, adapt, and scale. For this, the technique recognized by the businesses is test automation, which facilitates teams to detect issues sooner in their development cycle. However, to meet this demand, enterprises must implement an efficient DevTestOps cycle and that is where TestOps will come into play.

    Data-driven DevOps management – It takes a data-driven approach to software quality improvement. TestOps has redefined how analytics can be utilized to ensure product quality by allowing users to receive quick valuable insights from test results. Moreover, teams can now quickly detect and address issues encountered anywhere in the pipeline with TestOps.

    Interested people can check the new Katalon TestOps right here.

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