Katalon Studio 7.8 released with new capabilities


    Katalon Studio 7.8 was released on 14th October 2020 with new abilities that are intended for maintaining test scripts, efficient debugging, and enhanced integrations with Katalon TestOps, Jira, Kobiton, qTest.

    The new features and enhancements available are listed below:

    1. Brand-new browser-based video recorder for Headless Execution – With their new Screen-based Recorder, users can capture all that is visible on the screen, while with the Browser-based Video Recorder, they can record videos of the Headless browser.

    2. Enhance ALM & Cloud device provider integrations – In this release, the company has provided some important enhancements to improve the integrations of Katalon Studio with Jira Cloud, Kobiton, and most importantly qTest.

      • Jira Cloud Integration: Users can now receive the BDD Feature Files from Jira Cloud Server after building a connection with the BDD custom field in Project Settings.
      • Kobiton Integration: When users are trying to configure Kobiton integration in their programs, they can utilize Kobiton’s API Key to validate with the Kobiton Server.
      • qTest: This enhances the integration between qTest and Katalon Studio by giving Katalon Studio parity report in HTML for each test that is conducted, users can have a look at the qTest Test Case version information and review if there is any newer version available on the qTest server.

    3. Time Capsule for saving effort in maintaining test objects – This feature assists in lessening the manual effort of re-capturing a damaged test object when a test flunks.

    4. Improved accuracy in finding Windows objects with coordinates-based recording – With the new coordinates-based recording for Windows testing, Katalon Studio apprehends an element’s comparative coordinates in addition to its selector during recording to recognize the precise location to execute a click/right-click action during runtime.

    5. In-app Tutorials for new users – They provide automated test beginners with in-app tutorials of all technologies and presently support Web Service, Web UI, Desktop, and Mobile. In the future releases, they will be providing tutorials of all other developed features as well.

    6. Katalon TestOps (Beta) Integration – They have enhanced the integration with Katalon TestOps (Beta) in numerous areas.

      • Users can generate a command for TestOps CI right in the Command Builder of Katalon Studio.
      • Users can furthermore determine which TestOps Project to feed your execution result when executing with Katalon Runtime Engine.
      • Last but not least, users can view Releases and download execution reports retrieved from their TestOps project.

    7. Start Page and Test Explorer Makeovers – They’ve updated their Start Page and have given it a fresh look and additional information about the license and subscription modified to each user.

    8. Import your web services from SoapUI and WSDL – Users can now import SOAP test requests from SoapUI as well. Also, they can receive SOAP requests from a WSDL file having no service endpoint.

    The latest release of Katalon 7.8 can be downloaded from here.

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