SelectorsHub launches TestCase Studio to automate Test Case writing


    TestCase Studio launched by SelectorsHub is a platform that enables recording user actions on a website in simple sentences (English language). It automates the test case writing process, and users don’t need to write test cases manually which in turn saves a significant amount of time. All the browsers – Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Tor, and Brave are supported by TestCase Studio.

    Every user action will generate XPath and Automation Code, and users can save or copy these recorded actions as a Test case. The platform also runs locally on the user’s system and does not save any personal information, making it completely safe and secure. Moreover, it is a free-of-cost plugin and easy to use.

    How to use TestCase Studio?

    1. On the toolbar, select the TestCaseStudio icon to start recording the test case.
    2. Continue with the steps, it will automatically record all of your activities and transform them into simple English sentences.
    3. The created test case can be downloaded by clicking the download button.

    People can also follow this tutorial to get a better understanding.

    Features of TestCase Studio

    • For each stage, the cssSelector is generated.
    • Each step’s data is recorded.
    • By clicking on the copy symbol in the table header, the user can copy all of the steps.
    • By clicking on the Plus icon in each row, the user can add a new step.
    • By clicking on the delete icon in each row, the user can erase the unnecessary step.
    • Users can pause and resume the recording at any time.
    • All of the recorded stages, as well as the XPath/Command and data, can be stored in an excel file.
    • To build an XPath with the specified attribute, users can use the attribute filter option.

    TestCase Studio supports all web applications, both desktop, and mobile, that can be accessed through a web browser. However, mobile native and desktop-based applications are not supported at this time. If any bugs are discovered by users, they can be reported on Bugasura or Github.

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