Bugasura Bug Bounty Program launched by Moolya Testing


    Bugasura Bug Bounty Program was recently launched by Moolya Testing. Bugasura is a bug tracker and reporter for modern teams that is easy, fast, and collaborative. They are attempting to make their customers’ lives easier by providing a basic and straightforward bug tracker that aids in the faster closure of defects. The aim behind this is working to improve the first-time user experience in this way.

    Pradeep Soundararajan, CEO of Moolya Testing recently mentioned about Bugasura Bug Bounty Program in his recent post. Check out the post here –

    Important things about Bugasura Bug Bounty Program

    • This is not a security bug bounty program.
    • Anything that prevents FTUE bugs can be included here.
    • Every bug may not be rewarded.
    • 25K is the maximum budget for this month.
    • The last day to log a bug is 30th July.

    If a bug is validated, the reporter will receive a bounty ranging from 250 INR to 5,000 INR ($4 to $60) for each bug disclosed. Users will also be able to see the bug’s current status in the tracker. Anyone who understands the user experience can start reporting bugs at For further details visit here.

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