Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #44

    We’re back with the 44th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    Opkey secures $8 Million funding round led by Vertica Capital Partners

    Opkey Secures $8 Million Funding, Software Testing News, Trending in Testing, Photo by

    Opkey recently announced that it has raised $8 million in a fundraising round led by Vertica Capital Partners. The new funding corresponds with the launch of Opkey’s new UI, which is the most user-friendly no-code interface available in the market today.

    Mabl allows Quality Engineering teams to enhance Test Coverage with Microsoft Edge Support

    Mabl allows QE teams to enhance Test Coverage with Microsoft Edge Support, Software Testing News, Photo from

    mabl recently released cross-browser testing for Microsoft Edge. The added feature allows teams to broaden test coverage across user journeys and adjust their testing approach to meet their clients’ real-world requirements.

    TestFlix 2022 – Global Software Testing Binge by The Test Tribe

    TestFlix 2022 - Software Testing Binge by The Test Tribe, Software Testing News, Photo from

    TestFlix software testing conference is back again for the 3rd edition on the 8th and 9th of October this year. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from 60+ global speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences across 14 themes via atomic talks.

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Exploratory Testing Basics by Emna Ayadi

    Exploratory Testing is also known as a mixture of structure and unstructured approaches. In this article, Emna has written about the basics of Exploratory Testing and has also written how it can be effectively used.

    Why Cloud Computing for Testers? by Pricilla Bilavendran

    Cloud computing is not a recent development. It has been around for a while. In this article, Pricilla has written about the “AWS Solutions Architect — Associate” exam and why it is important if you are already an AWS user.

    Exploratory vs Ad Hoc testing by Natalia Puzikova

    Exploratory testing is an approach where the testers dynamically design and execute tests based on their knowledge. Whereas, Ad Hoc testing is performed without test analysis and test design. In this article, Natalia has written about the difference between both types of testing.


    10 Best Practices to get the most out of Test Automation by Nadezhda Yushkevich

    Many companies implement test automation but if you do not follow certain approaches, you can lose some of the benefits of automation. In this article, the author has written about the 10 best practices for test automation.

    Automated Mobile Testing – How Does It Work? by Dan Martin

    Automated mobile testing ensures your apps work as they should without any performance, security, or other bug issues. In this article, Dan has written about how automated mobile testing works and how to choose the right mobile automation testing tool.

    Flakiness in Test Automation — A tester’s nightmare by Rahul Kumar

    Flakiness has been a very common problem in the industry but is often not paid proper heed. In this article, Rahul has written about the impacts of flakiness, what makes tests flaky, and how can flakiness be handled.

    My first code review… how did it go? by Maciej Rojek

    Code reviews act as quality assurance of the code base. In this article, Maciej has written about the importance of code reviews and has also included what the code reviews teach him.


    How to address IoT security challenges? by Prayukth K V

    IoT security continues to pose a huge challenge to enterprises. In this article, the author has written about what security challenges are IoT devices facing and has also listed certain measures to address critical IoT Security challenges.

    Securing APIs with Transport Layer Security (TLS) by Neeraj Kushwaha

    In any API deployment, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the most common form of protection. In this article, Neeraj has written about how users can secure APIs with Transport Layer Security (TLS).


    Difficulties of API Testing by Ankit Kumar

    API Testing can tend to be a hectic job with so many difficulties and frustrations. In this article, Ankit has written about all the difficulties in API Testing from both technical and theoretical aspects.


    Katalon Codeless Test Automation vs Selenium WebDriver by Example by Zhimin Zhan

    In this article, the author has compared Katalon Studio, listed by LambdaTest as No.1 in the Top 10 Codeless Testing tools for 2021, with the well-proven script-based Selenium WebDriver and has also verified various Katalon’s claims.

    Performance testing is a branch of non-functional testing which aims to check non-functional aspects of a software application. In this article, the author has written about performance testing with Jmeter and has written why she prefers Jmeter.

    Software Bugs

    How I found reflected XSS on IDFC Bank with burp-suite Intruder by Santosh Kumar Sha

    In this article, Santosh has written about how he was able to find a reflected XSS on IDFC Bank with a burp-suite Intruder.

    My first ever Bug Bounty reward! by Vishnu Thulasidoss

    In this article, Vishnu has written about his first ever bug bounty reward which he received for discovering a bug in that allowed users to download unlimited paid courses absolutely free of cost.

    Software Bugs

    5 Websites For Freelancing as a Software Tester by Hales

    Freelancing as a software tester is a great way to get started in the QA automation field. In this article, Hales has listed the top 5 websites that can help people in Freelancing as QA/Software Tester.

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