Mabl allows Quality Engineering teams to enhance Test Coverage with Microsoft Edge Support

    Mabl, the pioneer in intelligent test automation as a service, recently released cross-browser testing for Microsoft Edge. The added feature allows quality teams to broaden test coverage across crucial user journeys and adjust their testing approach to meet their clients’ real world requirements.

    The retirement of Internet Explorer earlier this year highlighted the significance of Edge support for enterprise customers, particularly those in sectors such as insurance, banking, and enterprise software. Supporting consumers in these increasingly sophisticated sectors necessitates that many B2B software businesses provide high-quality Edge experiences. Quality teams may utilise mabl to enhance test coverage across those essential user experiences using low-code, intelligent testing.

    “Microsoft Edge support in mabl allows quality teams to expand cross-browser test coverage at scale,” says Gevorg Hovsepyan, Head of Product Management. “The bar for a high quality experience continues to be raised, and now customers have even greater ability to to meet the needs of a broader set of users.”

    Cross-browser testing for Edge uses the same robust array of mabl capabilities developed to improve the competence of quality teams. Support for Microsoft Edge, along with various recent updates like as Shadow DOM support, Intelligent Wait, and automated accessibility checks, adds to the advantages of mabl’s unified platform for test automation.

    Cross-browser testing for Microsoft Edge is now accessible to mabl clients on the Enterprise and Growth plans, as well as to those using the 14-day free trial.

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