Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #37

    We’re back with the 37th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    Keysight Technologies, provider of enhanced design and validation solutions partners with Sauce Labs

    Keysight Technologies partners with Sauce Labs, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Keysight Technologies has partnered with Sauce Labs inc, a renowned provider of continuous testing and error reporting solutions, to provide cloud-based testing of enterprise applications on mobile devices, browsers, and safer desktops.

    Apple encourages iOS 16 beta testers to submit bugs to improve software quality

    Apple iOS 16, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Apple recently released iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS Ventura. The updates will not be released to the public until later this fall, but participants of Apple’s developer program will be allowed to test and operate the software on their devices throughout the summer.

    Automated Software Testing Platform Code Intelligence Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding

    Code Intelligence Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Code Intelligence, the automated security testing platform, recently announced that they have raised $12 million in Series A funding led by Tola Capital. This brings the all-time amount raised by the platform to $15.7 million.

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


    7 Habits of a Successful Software Tester by Ryan Craven

    In this article, Ryan Craven who has been in the software testing industry for some time now has shared 7 Habits for a successful software tester.

    Implementing Continuous Testing as the Guardian of Quality by Cerberus Testing

    In this article, the author has written about how continuous test automation lets you deliver and improve with more velocity, acting as a guardian of quality.

    Mobile testing: Most critical scenarios you shouldn’t miss to test by Harish Rajora

    As a tester, it is a highly responsible job to test mobile applications and deliver the best quality. In this article, Harish has written about a few sections that need to be tested thoroughly as they are critical to the business.

    10 Biggest Remote Testing Challenges (& How To Overcome Them) by Praveen Mishra

    No doubt, remote testing offers flexibility and freedom but there are certain challenges associated with it too. Praveen has written about all the major challenges associated with remote testing and has also offered guidance on how to overcome them.


    5 Steps to get into Automation Testing by Manish Saini

    Software tests have to be repeated often during development cycles to ensure quality. In this article, Manish has written 5 steps to help users get into Automation Testing.

    4 Most Common Myths Around Test Automation by Rahul Parwal.

    In this article, Rahul has discussed some common test automation myths and biases that people have towards test automation.


    Once is never enough: The need for continuous penetration testing by Miri Adjiashvili

    Meeting the challenges of agile cybercriminals requires a far more agile approach to pen-testing. In this article, the author has written about why doing Penetration Testing annually is not enough.

    The Five Steps Every Security Team Should Take to Protect Their Infrastructure from Cyberattacks by Ev Kontsevoy

    To protect infrastructure and sensitive assets from cybersecurity attacks, organizations must abandon old solutions. In this article, the author has listed 5 strategies that organizations should start embracing.


    Should UI Testing and API Testing Go Together? by Patrycja Mundzik

    In this article, Patrycja has written about the advantages of using some help in the form of API testing in the UI test suite, focusing on the aspect of test execution time.


    Top 5 trending Test Automation Tools for 2022 by Sachin Joshi

    There are many testing tools available in the market. It is very difficult to choose the best tool for the testing project. In this article, Sachi has listed the top 5 Test Automation Tools.

    The engineers that do testing as part of their daily responsibilities use a wide array of tools. In this article, Irene has written about some of these tools and how and when to use them to find issues.

    Why ACCELQ is the BEST in the Industry? by Anindita Rath

    As the industry is moving towards a No-Code Automation trend, Anindita has written about one of the best no-code automation tools available there in the market currently which is ACCELQ.

    Software Bugs

    Catching a bug in under 12 minutes by Dasha Korotkykh

    In this article, Dasha who is a bug hunter has written about how she finds sufficient bugs when she has limited time.

    How do I found Critical Bug in 5 Minutes by Mohammad Mohsin

    In this article, the author has written about how he was able to find a Critical Bug in 5 minutes in a private program.

    Software Bugs

    Airbnb’s Microservices Architecture Journey To Quality Engineering by Antoine Craske

    In this article, Antoine has shared Airbnb’s architecture iterative journey to Quality Engineering and has also shared practical takeaways.

    How to implement an efficient QA Strategy from scratch? by Aziz Souabni

    Many QAs face the challenge of creating and implementing an efficient QA strategy on software that grew out of quality processes. In this article, Aziz has written about “How to implement an efficient QA Strategy from scratch?”

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