Keysight Technologies, provider of enhanced design and validation solutions partners with Sauce Labs

    Keysight Technologies, a prominent technology firm that provides enhanced design and validation solutions, has teamed up with Sauce Labs Inc, a renowned provider of continuous testing and error reporting solutions, to provide cloud-based testing of enterprise applications on mobile devices, browsers, and safer desktops.

    Enterprises face a challenge in maintaining application device compatibility; it affects ratings, uptake, and, eventually, revenue. However, “do it yourself” testing across a large number of devices is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, as it necessitates not just physical and virtual devices, but also a software platform for controlling and communicating with the devices and operating systems.

    “One size doesn’t fit all when testing web and mobile applications,” said Gareth Smith, general manager, Software Test Automation at Keysight Technologies. “By joining forces with Sauce Labs, enterprise customers can quickly and intelligently automate the testing of digital journeys across every possible device, ensuring a consistent and positive user experience.”

    The Sauce Labs real and virtual device clouds and software platform, integrated with Keysight’s Eggplant cloud-based test automation platform, provide artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automated testing of applications all over thousands of devices, browsers, and OS variations, offering thorough protection and substantially accelerating testing while assisting clients in rapidly scaling.

    “Every company is striving to build digital confidence while also eliminating any bottlenecks in testing,” said John Kelly, chief strategy officer at Sauce Labs. “This partnership empowers software development and QA teams to ship faster with higher quality. Keysight Technologies Eggplant cloud-based test automation platform, in conjunction with the Sauce Labs device clouds and DevOps Test Toolchain, empowers customers to add breadth, depth, and scale to their testing.”

    The partnership relieves businesses of the hassle of maintaining a centralized test lab and adjusting the device mix regularly. Clients also don’t have to worry about managing remote access and user rights to keep their devices cold and charged. The Sauce Labs cloud gives businesses access to and complete control over thousands of devices, enabling them to focus on application testing rather than device management. Intelligent automation from Keysight Technologies develops test cases and prioritizes areas that require more testing. Clients can use this visual approach to verify human activities and guarantee that end-user interactions are intuitive.

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