Automated Software Testing Platform Code Intelligence Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding

    Code Intelligence, the automated security testing platform, recently announced that they have raised $12 million (11M€) in Series A funding led by Tola Capital. Existing investors Verve Ventures, LBBW, HTGF, OCCIDENT, and Thomas Dohmke, CEO of Github, joined the round, bringing the all-time amount raised to $15.7 million (14.5M€).

    About Code Intelligence

    Code Intelligence is an automated software security platform that assists developers to deliver more secure code. It was established in 2018 by Matthew Smith, Khaled Yakdan, and Sergej Dechand. The Germany-based Code Intelligence serves companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, and Continental. The company also works extensively with Google and has made numerous contributions to the open-source community, including the Jazzer Java fuzzing engine, which has discovered over 500 flaws in over 30 projects.

    “We want to live in a world where the devices, services, and systems we rely on every day are truly secure,” said Sergej Dechand, CEO and co-founder of Code Intelligence. “We’ve set the goal to become the #1 platform for application security testing. Our mission is to give every developer the necessary tools to write more secure code, even without deep security expertise. We work closely with the open-source community to spread the ‘test early and often’ mindset and make security a welcome part of every developer’s daily coding.”

    Code Intelligence employs a variety of so-called dynamic analysis methods, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and fuzz testing, to simulate a hacker with intimate information about the application. This approach to white-box testing produces millions of test cases, which might trigger problems and hard-to-find vulnerabilities deep inside the source.

    “Most application security solutions are built for later stages of the development lifecycle. If detected, vulnerabilities are caught too late in the game, making them increasingly long, difficult, and expensive to fix. Code Intelligence helps developers ship secure software by providing the necessary integrations to test their code at each pull request, without ever having to leave their favorite environment. It’s like having an automated security expert always by your side.” said Thomas Dohmke, CEO of Github, the world’s largest source code management platform.

    Code Intelligence will use the new funds to invest extensively in product development to establish a unified workflow for setting up, debugging, and managing testing pipelines directly from the codebase, command line, or any integrated development environment (IDE).

    Improved debugging and dashboards with better insights for all modules and services, as well as automatic API discovery and categorization, will be brought to the platform this year. To help developers, more technological stacks will be supported, as well as a self-service SaaS platform.

    “Code Intelligence is the most advanced automated fuzz testing solution for applications and APIs and is incredibly easy for developers to use in their existing workflows. The potential for this technology to improve how development teams build secure software is enormous,” said Will Coggins, Vice President at Tola Capital.

    To explore further about Code Intelligence and to get a demo, interested users can visit

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