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    We’re back with the 35th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Simplifying E2E User Journey Testing for Multi-Device Apps by Testsigma

    Testsigma - Simplifying E2E User Journey Testing, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News

    See how to automate your cross-platform end-to-end tests with Testsigma!

    Today, applications need a seamless experience on multiple platforms (desktops, mobiles, tablets).

    An example end-to-end test scenario for a hotel booking application looks like this:

    1. Browse on desktop

    2. Book on android

    3. Modify booking on iPad

    Join the webinar to see how Testsigma helps you automate these on 7th June at 3 pm IST.

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    LinkedIn Bug Bounty Program goes public with rewards of up to $15k

    LinkedIn Bug Bounty Program goes public, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    LinkedIn announced the launch of a public bug bounty program to replace the invite-only program that had been in place since 2014. The HackerOne – hosted program enables hackers to test the primary web domain,, as well as the LinkedIn API and Android and iOS mobile applications.

    Cignithon 2022 – Global Hackathon – A Huge Success

    Cignithon 2022 - Global Testing Hackathon, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    Cignithon 2022 – Global Hackathon on Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering & Software Testing by Cigniti was a two-day testing Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe Community. The participants got the opportunity to test up to 3 products under Security, User Interface, and Functionality type.

    Cyara releases the first CX Test Automation Maturity Model

    Cyara's CX Test Automation Maturity Model, Trening in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Cyara recently announced the release of its CX Test Automation Maturity Model, a user-friendly self-assessment that allows companies to decide how progressed their approach to automated CX testing is and how their present level of test automation compares to industry best practices.

    SmartBear and BCT announce Strategic Partnership to accelerate delivery of Enterprise Software Solutions

    SmartBear and BCT announce Strategic Partnership, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from and

    SmartBear and Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the delivery of Enterprise Software Solutions. With this partnership, both will collaborate to develop faultless and resilient apps quickly, while assuring quality across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


     Cross-Platform End-to-End Testing – Explained with Real-life scenarios by Harish Rajora

    End-to-end testing simply refers to “testing the application from one end to another”. In this article, Harish has explained Cross-platform End-to-end testing with real-life scenarios.

    How to be an efficient and productive software tester? by Mukta Sharma

    Many times, people spend their whole day planning out the activities but there is no real outcome. In this article, Mukta has listed certain tips/activities that testers can implement to be more efficient & more productive.

    How to Write Legendary Bug Reports by Radoslaw Rozkowinski

    A bug report should clearly state what the problem is and what the correct behavior should be. In this article, Radoslaw has written about how to write a legendary good bug report and has explained each element of a bug report in detail.


    Top 5 Manual Testers’ Questions About Automated Testing by Olya Kabanova

    In this article, Olya has written about the Top 5 manual testers’ questions about automation. Interested people can also view a video version of this article here.

    Move from Manual to Automation Test role: guide based on real experience by Olesia Martushkanova

    In this article, Olesia has shared her recommendations on ‘How to move from Manual to Automation Test role that is based on all the mistakes she made and what she has learned over the years.

    Automation Testing Strategy: What Are The Best Practices? by KMS Solutions

    With the right test automation strategy in place, QA teams can significantly accelerate testing time while ensuring extensive test coverage. In this listicle, users can find some best practices to leverage at each of the seven stages of designing an automation testing process.


    Cybersecurity Mesh: What It Is and Why You Need It by Ashley Guerra

    Gartner predicted that by 2025, a single, centralized cybersecurity function will not be agile enough to meet the needs of a digital organization. In this article, Ashley has written about one of the most popular cybersecurity trends of 2022 – Cybersecurity mesh.

    Making the Metaverse Safe For Everyone by Gary LaFever

    The Metaverse’s potential is endless. However, it comes with certain issues. In this article, Gary has written about why current data protection practices will not work in the Metaverse, what can be the Technology-Driven solution for this, and how it would work.


    Create your own Mock API for API testing by Cihan Gueler

    In this article, the author has written about how users can create their own mock APIs and integrate them into the Framework. A mock API server is useful during development and testing when live data is either unavailable or unreliable.

    API Testing Interview questions for experienced professionals by Sachin Joshi

    API—an application programming interface is the backbone of our newly interconnected world. In this article, Sachin has listed some important API Testing Interview questions for experienced professionals.


    A Practical Advice on Rejecting Gherkin for Test Automation by Zhimin Zhan

    Gherkin BDD frameworks (such as Cucumber, SpecFlow, JBehave, Concordian, and Gauge) are often used in test automation. In this article, Zhimin has written about why using Gherkin BDD frameworks is wrong.

    Create TestNG XML File & Execute Parallel Testing by Praveen Mishra

    In this article, Praveen has written about how users can execute multiple test files from a single file known as the TestNG XML file. He has also written how users can create and execute a parallel testing suite using a TestNG XML file.

    Automated Testing PDF in Selenium WebDriver by Courtney Zhan

    Many websites feature links that download a PDF rather than just opening one. In this article, Courtney has written a tutorial to show users how to allow PDF downloads and verify the PDF contents in an automated test.

    The Best 3 API Testing Tools by JIN

    In the development and testing of the project, a lot of API documentation tools are used. In this article, Jin has listed the best 3 API Testing Tools.


    Career prospects in software testing by Girish Singhania

    Software Testing is currently being recognized as an important arm of software development. In this article, Girish has written about Why is software testing essential, Why opt for the profession, the Career Path of a Software Testing Engineer, and more.

    10 must-have Chrome extensions for Software Testers by The Test Tribe

    For software testers, Chrome Extensions are a real-time saver. Not only do they increase testing efficiency, but they also make life simpler for testers. In this article, the author has listed 10 must-have extensions for all Software Testers.

    Should organizers share bug reports or implement a live open bug database in Testing Contests? by Rahul Parwal, Saket Agrawal, and Fenil Vaswani

    This topic is a constant topic of discussion after every testing hackathon and each stakeholder of a hackathon has different views. In this article, Rahul, Saket, and Fenil have shared their views from the perspectives of participants.

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