Cyara releases the first CX Test Automation Maturity Model

    Cyara, a company that provides of Automated CX Assurance Platform, recently announced the release of its CX Test Automation Maturity Model, an innovative, user-friendly self-assessment that allows companies to decide how progressed their approach to automated CX testing is and how their present level of test automation compares to industry best practices.

    The CX Test Automation Maturity Model generates a comprehensive analysis of a company’s automated CX testing, including a maturity rating and a comparison of the company’s test automation procedures to industry benchmarks. It also gives businesses concrete strategies to enhance consumer experience throughout digital and voice channels and lower the probability of customer-facing errors.

    “Automated CX assurance is an increasingly critical practice that highly impacts and benefits modern contact centers. Cyara’s CX Test Automation Maturity Model empowers organizations that want to modernize and adapt their testing process, regardless of where they are in their digital transformation journeys,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara. “Since so many organizations are looking for guidance on how to successfully implement CX testing and assurance, we want to deliver a simple, cost-free solution that will assist businesses in discovering and deploying the best test automation practices for their CX.”

    Based on individualized survey findings, the model utilizes self-reported data to generate a CX testing suggestion that is particularly suited to the company, providing an actionable route ahead to improve CX testing. These capabilities enable businesses to make more informed decisions about how to enhance their CX testing technologies and processes. In addition to this new product, the platform now also offers first-of-its-kind automated testing for chatbot security and data compliance through Cyara Botium, further improving it’s omnichannel CX testing and assurance operations.

    The Cyara CX Test Automation Maturity Model is now accessible for free on the Cyara website. To learn more about the CX assurance platform, interested users can visit

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