Karate Labs announces the launch of the SaaS product – Studio Basic

    Karate Labs, the test automation platform recently announced the launch of the SaaS product Studio Basic with features of an API data importer is an open-core extension to Karate that provides a low-code test automation experience. While the open-source project has primarily been adopted by programmers, Karate wants to make test automation simple for product owners and quality assurance specialists as well.

    About Karate Labs

    Karate Labs which was founded in 2021 is an open-source test automation tool. The platform includes an open-source scriptable framework that unifies API test automation, performance testing, mocks, and even UI automation into a single, unified framework, allowing developers to save effort and time when it comes to software test automation.

    The API Data Importer of Studio Basic can do the following:

    • Import data from all major API data sources, including Postman collections, cURL, OpenAPI, HAR, and Swagger. After importing the sequence into Studio, users may preview and adjust it using a simple no-code user interface.
    • Export an API sequence as a Karate feature file and then users can use it in their existing CI/CD or DevOps pipeline. Studio speeds up the creation of API tests in this way.
    • Users who currently have Postman collections can move them to Karate to take advantage of parallel execution, easier but more strong assertions, and performance testing.
    • The studio is also compatible with the majority of other tools that users may be using.

    Interested users can check more details and can Book a demo with Studio Basic here.

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