Cignithon 2022 – Global Hackathon – A Huge Success

    Cignithon 2022 – Global Hackathon on Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering & Software Testing by Cigniti was a two-day testing Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe. The participants got the opportunity to test up to 3 products under Security, User Interface, and Functionality type. The hackathon also provided the participants with the opportunity to compete with 100s of other testers from all over the world.

    Cignithon 2022 received 400+ registrations and participants from 225+ companies and 17+ countries. Software Testers from all over the world competed with each other for 36 hours to uncover bugs in 3 applications and around 2566 potential bugs were registered throughout the event.

    Cignithon 2022 comprised of several events and the winners are as follows:

    • For Assembly
      • Winner – Team Quality Advocates comprising Rahul Parwal and Apoorva Ram.
      • 1st Runner Up – Team Rock On comprising Anindita Rath and Amita Gandhi.
      • 2nd Runner Up – Team Bug Hunter Squad comprising Bhuvan Theja and Madhukiran KM.
    • For moneyHOP
      • Winner – Team Gangster KGF-2 comprising Bala Vardhan.
      • 1st Runner Up – Team Avengers comprising Saket Agrawal and Navia Garg.
      • 2nd Runner Up – Team Bug-a-sure comprising Santhosh Voruganti and Dinesh Rajendra.
    • For Airmeet
      • Winner – Team Bug Tank India comprising Mukul Bharadwaj and Fenil Vaswani.
      • 1st Runner Up – Team Swatkat comprising Sendil Kumar S.
      • 2nd Runner Up – Team SW2QA comprising Deepan Kumar and Anand J.
    • For Social Contest
      • Winner – Prachi Dahibhate & Fenhil Vaswani
    • “Who AM I” Contest Winners:
      • Pavan B
      • Suba Narayanan
      • Suresh Khule
      • Merwin Rodrigues
      • Prasanth Chebrolu

    “This was the second time I participated in a Testing Hackathon by TTT. The feeling of constant adrenaline rush and exercising of our brains to their fullest potential remains unmatched. Participating in such events gives us a reality check on our Testing abilities,” said Apoorva Ram, Senior Software Test Engineer at Qapitol QA.

    “Every time there is something new to learn in terms of technology, teamwork, decision making, critical thinking, using assistive tools, product knowledge, testing faster and better, adding value, etc., I constantly crunch my brain and the keyboard till the last minute of submission and right after that, I’m at peace with a lot of gratitude and belongingness, because this is what I love to do and it gives me immense motivation and satisfaction to go back to work on a Monday morning and implement/propose some of my new weekend learnings there,” she added.

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

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