Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #33

    We’re back with the 33rd edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing 2022

    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing 2022, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Gartner recently released the Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing 2022 report. In this analysis, and vendor assessments, Gartner has emphasized on developing technologies and techniques, as well as AST tools that confront the new requirements they bring.

    Karate Labs announces the launch of the SaaS product – Studio Basic

    Karate Labs launches SaaS product - Studio Basic, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Karate Labs, the test automation platform recently announced the launch of the SaaS product Studio Basic with features of an API data importer is an open-core extension to Karate that provides a low-code test automation experience.

    Bug bounty platform Intigriti offers a new hourly payment option for vulnerability researchers

    Bug bounty platform Intigriti offers a new hourly payment, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Intigriti recently announced a new initiative that will mix bug bounty hunting and penetration testing models, paying participants for the hours they spend looking for bugs as well as a fixed reward for specific bugs.

    Katalon, a leader in AI-assisted test automation announced the general release of TestCloud

    Katalon TestCloud, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Katalon, Inc., the leader in AI-assisted test automation, announced on 27th April 2022 the general release of TestCloud, a cloud-hosted solution that enables on-demand, adaptable, and secure multi-browser testing environments.

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Testing the Metaverse and Beyond by Tariq M. King

    As the buzz and hype around the metaverse continues, Tariq has written about some of the key challenges associated with automated metaverse testing

    What is Accessibility Testing? Why is it important? by Geosley Andrades

    According to the WHO, 15% of the global population suffers from some form of a physical disability that impacts how they interact with digital or connected devices. This highlights the importance of accessibility testing. This article talks about Accessibility Testing and why is it important.

    A Tale of Two Features by George Pirocanac

    In this article, George has written about the most memorable bug that he has encountered in his testing career which resulted from the interaction of two App Engine features.

    Become A Software Testing Detective – Part 2 by Prashant Hegde

    Being an effective software tester requires you to think like a detective. In this article, Prashant has written about the heuristics, biases, and some more practical tips to help people unleash the detective inside them.

    In case you’ve missed Part 1 of this post, you can read it here.

    Testing is an underrated skill in Testing (Test Automation isn’t everything) by Louise Gibbs

    Test Automation has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and it definitely is a good career path. However, in this article, Louise has written about the importance of Manual Testing and why it is important for a Test Automation role as well.


    Four ways to combat the cybersecurity skills gap by Tomasz Andrzej Nidecki

    The lack of cybersecurity talent is nothing new. It’s a problem that all businesses have been facing for several years. In this article, the author has written about what is causing the gap, what can be done to narrow it, and what are the best ways to effectively combat the shortage of cybersecurity skills.

    DAST Testing: What It Is and Why It’s Important by Ronan Healy

    DAST testing is essential since it may help discover and repair security breaches before they can be exploited by hackers. In this blog post, Ronan has discussed the features of DAST and some common tools that are used for this type of testing.

    Five top trends shaping software security in 2022 by James Cook

    The significant disruption we have faced over the last 20 months has forced businesses in all industries to scale up their digital transformation. In this article, James has written about 5 trends that will shape software security in 2022.


    Learning Automation Skills as a Tester by Rahul Parwal

    In this article, Rahul has written his thoughts on how people can master automation so that they can move from Manual Testing to Automation Testing.

    The art of clean coding in automation testing by Ishwarya Rajalakshmi K

    Automation testing is not just an option but is fast becoming a necessity. Writing clean, understandable, and maintainable code is a skill that is crucial for everyone to master. In this article, the author has shared some best practices for clean coding.

    Mobile application test automation with Appium without coding by Cerberus Testing

    Testing mobile applications can be a painful task. In this article, the author has written about the test automation workflow and good practices to implement a mobile test for Android and iOS.


    Creating CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins by Alican Uzun

    In this article, the author has written about How to install Jenkins, Docker, Minikube, kubectl, Helm, and Nginx, How to create a Pipeline that deploys to Minikube with Jenkins, and more.


    WhatsApp Bug Bounty: Bypassing biometric authentication using voip by Arvind

    In this article, Arvind has written about how he was able to bypass biometric authentication using voip in WhatsApp and has also written about the root cause of the issue.

    What is a Bug Bash? by Mohammad Faisal Khatri

    In this article, the author has given an overview of Bug Bash and has written about the Objective behind organizing a Bug bash, How to run a Bug Bash, and more.


    The Beginners Guide to Blogging for Testers by Nicola Lindgren

    Blogging has ample benefits. In this article, Nicola has shared a step-by-step guide on how to get started with blogging as a software tester.

    An Interviewer’s Complete Guide to hire the best QA Engineers by Pricilla Bilavendran

    In today’s world, the expectations for the QA role have grown to a greater level. In this article, Pricilla from her personal experience over the years has shared a guide to help interviewers to hire the best QA Engineers.

    Chatbot Testing: the ultimate business benefit by Nikolett Török

    In this article, Nikolett has highlighted the main business reasons that make automated chatbot testing with Botium an essential and unmissable part of every chatbot project.

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