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    We’re back with the 25th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending News for this week:

    Software Testing Conferences to look forward to in 2022

    Software Testing Conferences, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    Throughout the year, QA and software testing conferences provide several opportunities to exchange, improve, and network with other industry-leading specialists. Here is a list of some of the most amazing QA & Software Testing conferences you might want to attend in 2022.

    ACCELQ Announced 100% Growth in Annual Revenue in 2021

    ACCELQ Announces 100% Growth in Annual Revenue, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    ACCELQ, the leading AI-powered continuous test automation platform, recently announced 100% growth in annual revenue in 2021 compared to the previous year, as hundreds of clients used the company’s modern, cloud-native platform to automate over 1.1 million business processes and conduct over eight million tests.

    Applitools wins the DevOps Dozen 2021 Award for Best Testing Service and Tool

    Applitools wins the Awards for Best Testing Service and Tool, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    Applitools announced on 21st January 2022 that it was named “Best Testing Service/Tool” at the 2021 DevOps Dozen Awards program. The DevOps Dozen Awards, honor innovative people and companies who make significant contributions to the DevOps community.

    Prancer announces the release of Penetration Testing as Code Framework (PAC)

    Prancer releases Penetration Testing as Code Framework (PAC), Photo from

    Prancer Enterprise, a provider of shift-left cloud security techniques announced the release of Penetration Testing as Code Framework (PAC). Penetration Testing as Code Framework, which promotes shift-left security methods in cloud environments is now the main offensive security tool by the company.

    80% of satisfied software quality professionals participate in tool-based code review: Survey by Smartbear

    State of Software Quality | Code Review survey by Smartbear, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    The results of SmartBear’s 8th annual State of Software Quality | Code Review survey have been released. SmartBear is a major provider of software development and quality tools. With nearly 800 responses, code review is still the most influential factor in increasing code quality, followed by unit testing.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Functional Testing 2022-All the different types of functional testing by The Test Lead

    There are a lot of types of functional testing and it’s difficult to learn about everything. In this article, the author has explained different types of functional testing in 2022.

    A new kind of old-school software testing by Matt Asay

    In this article, Matt has written about a form of testing that is decades in the making but is only now finding its sweet spot – The form of testing we’re talking about is Integration Testing.


    ffind: Quickly Find Interesting Files During a Penetration Test by Alexis Rodriguez

    During a penetration test, you might find yourself manually looking for interesting files like configuration files, database files, source code files, etc. Alexis has written about ffind, which is a tool that makes looking for these types of files much quicker.

    Top Cybersecurity Internships to Apply for in January 2022 by Adilin Beatrice

    Cyberattacks like hacks, malware attacks, and virus invasions are becoming common among tech users. Here is a list of Top Cybersecurity Interships users can apply for in January 2022.

    The Beginner’s Guide to NIST Penetration Testing by Ankit Pahuja

    In this article, Ankit has provided an overview of what penetration testing is, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework, and how to perform penetration tests using this framework.


    Shift Left Automated Testing in native Mobile apps by Suparna Khamaru

    The shift Left approach helps in finding maximum bugs in the earliest possible stage, thus saving tonnes of time & money for the business. In this article, Suparna has written about why to Shift Left Automation for mobile apps.

    Becoming an SDET / QA Automation Test Engineer Road Map Step By Step in 2022 by The Test Lead

    In this article, the author has written about what do SDET/ QA Automation Engineers do, how to get an SDET/ QA Automation Engineers job, and much more.

    How To Perform Test Automation In 2022 by Chris Yackulic

    In this article, the author has written about What is Test Automation, Why Do Businesses Need Test Automation, How to Create a Test Automation Framework, and much more.

    7 Best Practices for In-Sprint Automation by Geosley Andrades

    In-sprint automation is critical in modern digital application development lifecycles as it enables QA teams to achieve scale with fewer risks and a greater pace. In this article, Geosley has written about 7 best practices for In-Sprint Automation.


    Load Testing an API Gateway by Sneha Narayana Swamy

    The main goal of the API gateway is to route traffic securely while providing scalability and stability. In this article, Sneha has written about how they created a load test suite for continuous integration and regression testing using Locust.

    Protect APIs against attacks with this security testing guide by Michael Cobb

    APIs are the core of modern application architecture and provide access to an organization’s data and resources. In this article, Michael has written about how security testing can detect API vulnerabilities and weaknesses before attackers can take advantage of them.


    How to Optimally Use Selenium For Automating Application Testing by Mihai-Alexandru Cristea

    Selenium is a software testing tool that is used in the process of software development to automate testing tasks. In this article, the author has written about how users can use selenium optimally for automating applications.

    Baby Steps towards — ‘POSTMAN and his brother NEWMAN’ by Jency Stella

    Postman is a fantabulous tool when trying to play around with APIs. It offers a handy user interface to test API’s functionality. In this article, Jency has given an overview of ‘Postman’ and ‘Newman’ frameworks.

    10 Latest Software Testing Tools QAs Are Using In 2022 by Jason Boog

    Each team is different, and one tool might not be appropriate for all. In this article, Matt Jason has evaluated the pros and cons of the 10 latest quality assurance tools.


    Bug Bounty Methodology – Web Vulnerabilities Checklist by Aaryan

    In every pentesting scenario, there are several hidden and obvious places that might be vulnerable. In this article, the author has listed a  checklist that people can use to confirm that they have searched vulnerabilities in all the possible places.


    My Curated List of Reading Materials for Software Testers and QAs by Blake Norrish

    While reading blogs and articles is not sufficient to gain mastery of a new skill, some light reading is a great way to get introduced to new concepts, ideas, opinions, etc. In this article, Blake has listed some reading materials that can testers and QAs in their careers.

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