ACCELQ Announced 100% Growth in Annual Revenue in 2021

    ACCELQ, the leading AI-powered continuous test automation platform, just finished a year of record performance and is on the verge of exponential expansion. The company recently announced 100% growth in annual revenue in 2021 compared to the previous year, as hundreds of clients used the company’s modern, cloud-native platform to automate over 1.1 million business processes and conduct over eight million tests.

    About ACCELQ

    On a cloud-native platform, ACCELQ provides AI-powered codeless test automation and management. The platform is used by many Fortune 500 firms in the healthcare, financial services, and tourism industries to provide high-quality applications more quickly. With its industry-first autonomics-based automation platform, it enables enterprises to achieve 3x productivity and more than 70% cost reductions.

    “ACCELQ is proving to be a great investment for our organization as it is playing an important role in achieving our goals in the area of continuous delivery,” said a VP of DevOps at one of the nation’s largest grocery retail chains. “It helped us accelerate the pace at which we automate our functional tests, leveraging a powerful machine learning and predictive analytics engine. It drastically cuts down the time it takes to complete execution of automated tests.”

    Expansion of key markets and growth of personnel

    The company is fast expanding, with twice as many employees as a year ago. In addition, the company entered the Australia/New Zealand market by building a branch in Sydney to serve consumers in the region. San Francisco and Dallas are also home to ACCELQ.

    “The adoption of low-code/no-code technology signals a huge transformation in the way that companies approach the adoption of packaged apps and cloud apps, as well as the latest development practices,” said ACCELQ Founder and CEO Mahendra Alladi. “After doubling our revenue in 2021, we’re on track for more rapid growth in 2022 thanks to our no-code, automation-first platform that is cloud-native and uniquely aligned with where industries and technology are heading.”

    Recognition and Validation in the Industry

    In its Market Guide for AI-Augmented Software Testing Tools, Gartner named ACCELQ a Representative Vendor. It was also named a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020. After releasing ACCELQ 5.0, which included a new mobile product line, virtualization, and ACCELQ Cloud Labs, the business expects to deploy ACCELQ Live in early 2022 to expand on its continuous testing platform.

    “We have proven to reduce up to 70% of the cost spent in manual testing and increase speed by three times,” said ACCELQ’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer Guljeet Nagpaul. “Businesses do not need an army of developers with super-specialized skill sets. Less-experienced manual testers can use our cost-effective, codeless tools to automate testing without a steep learning curve.”

    The company expects to double its revenue in 2022, thanks to its no-code, automation-first platform, which is cloud-native and uniquely matched with where industries and technology are headed.

    Interested people can find more details about ACCELQ, AI-powered codeless test automation, and management platform.

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