State of Software Quality Survey by Smartbear states that 80% of satisfied software quality professionals participate in tool-based code review

    The results of SmartBear’s 8th annual State of Software Quality | Code Review survey have been released. SmartBear is a major provider of software development and quality tools. With nearly 800 responses, code review is still the most influential factor in increasing code quality, followed by unit testing. A tool-based code review method, as noted by 80 percent of happy respondents, offers the best advantage as development teams expand and stay remote.

    “As development teams are releasing more frequently than ever, consistent review of code and other artifacts continues to play a vital part in teams’ ability to release quality software, share knowledge, and educate team members,” said Joanna Schloss, Senior VP of Product Marketing at SmartBear. “The findings from this survey continue to help SmartBear advance the mission of better collaboration among software development teams in order to improve software quality, particularly as teams become larger and more geographically dispersed.”

    The State of Software Quality survey aims to provide benchmarks for the software industry in terms of how teams and organizations will build high-quality software in 2021. This year’s report follows the same format as previous editions, with respondents being polled to give a meaningful year-over-year comparison and reveal important trends in code quality and development methodologies.

    Some of the pivotal highlights of the State of Software Quality survey are as follows:

    • 55% of responders who are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their code review process pull metrics reports regularly.
    • When it comes to code review, 47% of those who are dissatisfied with their current method are completely ignoring tool-based code review.
    • For their code review process, 82% of pleased and highly satisfied respondents have clear standards.
    • 43% of respondents deliver every two weeks or sooner.
    • 37% of respondents said they had a team of more than ten people, up from 30% in 2020 and 31% in 2019.

    The global online survey was conducted by Smartbear during the fourth quarter of 2021. The results are based on replies from software developers, testers, IT/operations professionals, and business leaders from a variety of industries. Participants work for firms ranging in size from 25 to 10,000 workers, with software teams ranging in size from 5 to 50.

    Interested people can access the full report – State of Software Quality | Code Review 2021.

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