Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #23

    We’re back with the 23rd edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending News for this week:

    The Test Tribe completes 4 Years!

    The Test Tribe Completes 4 Years, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    In January 2018, ‘The Test Tribe Community‘ was founded by ‘Mahesh Chikane‘ to co-create “Smarter, Prouder, and Confident Testers. Fast forward to today, i.e, 11th January 2022, ‘The Test Tribe’ has completed 4 years and is India’s largest Software Testing Community.

    Testing Engineer is the most sought digital job in 2022: Report

    Testing Engineer is the most sought digital job in 2022, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    With Indian IT giants and new-age startups adopting upskilling as a strategy to address the rising talent gap in India, testing engineer was the most sought job role in the September-November quarter of this year, said Quess, business services provider in a report.

    Automation Testing Market worth $49.9 billion by 2026 – Report by MarketsandMarkets™

    Automation Testing Market worth $49.9 billion by 2026, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    According to a recent research report by MarketsandMarkets™, Automation Testing Market is expected to grow from USD 20.7 billion in 2021 to USD 49.9 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    I am a Beginner, How to find a Job in Testing? by Rahul Parwal

    Rahul has shared some advice on how to impress someone who might be in a hiring position and get opportunities at your door instead of you knocking at random doors every day.

    Let’s Talk about Test Levels by Numanhan Duran

    In this article, Numanhan has written about test levels – Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing.

    Important Takeaways From The Software Testing Conference 2021 by Opkey

    Asia’s leading software testing conference, QAI STC 2021 concluded on December 9th & 10th, 2021. This article covers all the important takeaways for testers from the conference.

    What is Usability Testing? Types, Benefits, Examples and More by David Carty

    In this article, David has given an overview of Usability Testing, he has also written about the types and benefits of usability testing, and much more.


    7 Promising VS Code Extensions Introduced in 2021 by Anupam Chugh

    Throughout 2021, plenty of new VS Code extensions were introduced. In this article, Anupam has given an overview of some of these extensions.

    Want to practice test automation? Try these demo sites! by Andrew Knight

    One of the biggest struggles in learning how to develop top-notch automation is practice. Here’s a list of some demo sites shared by Andrew to practice test automation.

    Selenium and Cypress with Web Automation by Kishor Munot

    In this article, Kishor has written about which tool should users select from selenium and cypress to automate their UI tests.

    Top 10 QA Automation Testing Tools in 2022 by David Thompson

    It is crucial to employ the correct tools for automated testing. To assist users in selecting the finest automation testing tools in 2022, David has prepared this list of top 10 tools.


    Karate Framework for API testing by Jisha Jayaprakash

    Selecting the optimum tool for API automation testing is a tricky task. In this article, Jisha has written about API testing with Karate framework and who should use it.

    What is API Versioning? How to use it and integrate with Swagger by Salih Cantekin

    In this article, Salih has given an overview of API Versioning, he has also written what is the main idea behind it, how to use it, and how can users integrate it with Swagger.

    7 API security testing best practices, with checklist by Michael Cobb

    Organizations must secure their APIs to protect enterprise resources. In this article, Michael has listed 7 best practices that will help ensure an API security testing program is thorough and complete.


    5 Top Automated Testing Tools for 2022 by Jim Scott

    Tools are essential to get the job done, without losing our minds. In this article, Jim has listed 5 top automation testing tools for 2022.

    Quick Guide for Implementing BDD in Existing TestNG by Updesh Kumar Singh

    BDD is a set of practices that aim to reduce some common wasteful activities in software development. Updesh has written about Implementing BDD in Existing TestNG.


    Sensitive Data Exposure via 403 Forbidden Bypass by Sagar Sajeev

    In this article, Sagar has written about how he was able to access a sensitive file via a 403 forbidden page bypass.

    Accidental Bug leads to google honorable-mentions by Ramalingasamy

    In this article, Ramalingasamy has written about a low severity bug that he discovered accidentally which discloses the source code of the website in the error message.

    Bypassing Login Page in 2 Mins by Gnana Aravind

    In this Gnana has written about how he was able to bypass a login page of an e-commerce website and has also written steps to reproduce it.


    Effects psychology can have on your test experiments? by Rahul Parwal

    Testing is driven by Human Judgements, Observations, Analysis, Heuristics & Biases. However, like any other field, Biases and prejudices can be very risky for Testing. Rahul has shared some so you know about them in advance.

    Don’t use hard assertions everywhere! by Sajitha Pathirana

    Assertions are the guide sticks in test automation. In this article, Sajitha has written about Soft-Assertions, their advantages, and in what scenarios they fit.

    How I got “that” job at Meta by Gaurav Singh

    Gaurav recently started his new job at Meta as a Software Engineer. In this article, he breaks down the interview process and has also given preparation tips and resources for similar big tech companies.

    5 Software Testing Podcasts for 2022 by Hales

    Finding quality software testing podcasts can be tough. In this article, the author has written about 5 current software testing podcasts for 2022.

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