The Test Tribe completes 4 Years!

    In January 2018, ‘The Test Tribe‘ was founded by ‘Mahesh Chikane‘ to co-create “Smarter, Prouder, and Confident Testers. Fast forward to today, i.e, 11th January 2022, ‘The Test Tribe’ has completed 4 years and is India’s largest Software Testing Community.

    The community has spread to all of India’s metro cities and is now reaching out to Tier-II cities as well. It has organized over 100 software testing events across India, including conferences, workshops, meetups, webinars, hackathons, and many virtual events as well.

    What does The Test Tribe Community have in store for their 4th Anniversary?

    1. ‘Anniversary Week Sale’ from 8th January to 14th January 2021
    2. TTTMemeContest

    People can post memes related to Testing, The Test Tribe, or Testers in general, on their social media handles with hashtags – #TTTMemeContest and #4YearsOfTTT

    5 people with the best memes will be rewarded with amazing prizes.

    3. TTTForMe

    People can share how TTT changed their life by using hashtags – #TTTForMe and #4YearsOfTTT

    With all these posts together, The Test Tribe will create something special. Moreover, 4 people with the best posts will get a cool prize.

    4. TTTIdeaBox

    People can share their ideas on what new and innovative things can The Test Tribe Community do in the next 2 years to come. Fill the TTTIdeaBox here –

    3 people with the best ideas will be rewarded with amazing prizes.

    5. MyTTTMemory

    People can share their best TTT memories on their social media handles by using hashtags – #MyTTTMemory and #4YearsOfTTT

    3 people with the best memory posts will be rewarded with amazing prizes.

    6. Call for Volunteers 2022

    On Completing 4 years, TTT has opened their invitations to more passionate testers to join the amazing team of Volunteers. Interested people can check more details about TTT Call for Volunteers.

    People who are interested in The Test Tribe can check out the TTT community here. For getting to know more about The Test Tribe story visit here.

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