Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #2


    We are excited to present the 2nd edition of “Trending in Testing” Weekly Newsletter. Here are the latest updates:

    Trending News:

    1. Applitools Introduces Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile Test Automation – At the future of Testing: Mobile event, Applitools showed off their Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile Test Automation, which uses its Visual AI-powered Ultrafast Test Cloud technology to conduct functional and visual tests quicker, more reliably, and securely.

    2. Xray acquired by TestRail to Transform the working of teams – Xray has been acquired by TestRail’s parent company, Idera. The purpose of this acquisition was to bring together the best-in-class QA tools in one place.

    3. Testproject introduces Testproject3.0 and built in GitHub integration – TestProject recently released the new version – TestProject 3.0, and in addition to excellent parallel execution features, it now has a brand new built-in GitHub integration, allowing users to benefit from version control and access prior versions of their tests.

    Trending in Testing:

    1. API Testing using Jest and SuperTest: Marie Drake

    2. Chai with Mocha: Unit Testing in Node.js: Anjali

    3. Should You Use Contract Testing?: Oleksandr Romanov

    4. Why Speak at conferences? write blogs? A: To get your message out: Alan Richardson –

    5. Big journeys begin with small steps: Louise Harney

    6. How Google Tests Software: Dilusha Kumarage

    7. How To Build An Automated Testing Pipeline With CircleCI & Selenium Grid: Praveen Mishra

    8. Why communities are important for a Tester and Testing Profession: Ahilesh Manickavasagan –

    9. How To Build a Valuable Observability Pipeline: Antoine Craske –

    10. How to Build Performance Tests To Validate Your APIs Using Gatling: Gavin Fong –

    11. ShowCase: Great Software Development Productivity with Real UI Test Automation & Continuous Testing: Zhimin Zhan

    12. Why Is Continuous Integration Important For Testing?: Dennis Martinez –

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