Testproject introduces Testproject3.0 and built in GitHub integration


    TestProject recently released the new version – TestProject 3.0, and in addition to excellent parallel execution features, it now has a brand new built-in GitHub integration, allowing users to benefit from version control and access prior versions of their tests.

    Integration with GitHub

    GitHub is a version control platform that enables users to keep track of their code, organize work across branches and environments, and save multiple versions of the code. Synchronized projects are stored as repositories with all of their tests using the TestProject interface. Each modification users make in their tests will be instantly saved and documented, allowing them to keep track of their progress in real-time.

    This integration will enable users to:

    • Sync full projects with GitHub: tests will be saved in YAML format and will contain all the information needed to run independently.
    • Manage several versions and keep track of the entire team’s progress.
    • Using CLI/Offline, users will be able to run any prior test versions.
    • Separate the environments in which the test automation will run.
    • Integrate continuous integration pipeline with GitHub repositories.

    TestProject 3.0

    Users will be able to substantially shorten time to market and provide high-quality software at a faster rate with the new TestProject 3.0. It will also improve whole-team communication between testers and developers by aligning testing teams with fast-paced agile development life cycles. Moreover, everyone, whether a beginner or an expert, will be able to quickly achieve fast release cycles with this.

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