Xray acquired by TestRail to Transform the working of teams


    Recently, Xray was acquired by TestRail’s parent company, Idera. The purpose of this acquisition was to bring together the best-in-class QA tools in one place.

    Benefits of Xray and TestRail together are as follows:

    1. Innovation:

    Organizations must streamline the process of developing and recording test findings, stimulate cross-team communication, and integrate QA into the rest of the software development process to execute Effective Testing and QA processes.

    Both share a common background and by bringing together some of the brightest brains in testing and quality assurance they are trying to revolutionize the way teams produce software.

    2. Velocity:

    Technical integrations with prominent test automation frameworks, build pipelines, and other software development tools are all a part of TestRail and Xray. Users can deploy quality software as quickly as their team develops it when the entire QA process is centralized in a test management platform.

    Both will also continue to build on this unified, high-visibility strategy, and consumers should expect continuous advancements that will boost confidence in the development team’s work and reduce delivery time.

    3. Flexibility:

    Regardless of their size or technological stack, TestRail and Xray will empower teams with unrivaled QA tools.

    “Our team is thrilled to join TestRail under the Idera DevOps Tools umbrella. We will continue to offer a separate native test management solution for Jira. There are no changes to service, support, or points of contact.” said Joe Walsh, General Manager at Xray in a blog post.

    Xray will continue with serving clients who value the Jira-native test management experience, while TestRail will deliver test management for clients who need a dedicated test management tool.

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