Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #1


    Here’s the first edition of our Weekly Newsletter, consisting blogs, news, and articles of the Software Testing domain:

    1. Indian Hacker awarded ₹22 Lakh from Facebook for finding Instagram Bug under its Bug Bounty Program – Facebook under its Bug Bounty Program has awarded Rs 22 lakh to an Indian hacker for discovering a malicious Instagram bug. Instagram would have permitted anyone to access previous Posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV even if the user’s profile was private.

    2. Wipro partners with IBM to use IBM’s Automation Foundation and Cloud Paks for Automation – Wipro announced its intention to join IBM’s ecosystem of partners on 15th June 2021. This will help Wipro in managing and modernizing mission-critical workloads across hybrid cloud environments utilizing IBM’s new Automation Foundation and IBM Cloud Paks for Automation.

    3. Grafana Labs acquired K6 Startup, Grafana and K6 will work together on an integrated offering – Grafana Labs acquired K6 Startup, the announcement came on 17th June. Grafana and K6 will collaborate on an integrated service as part of Grafana’s tech stack, allowing users to monitor and link logs, metrics, and traces to diagnose app performance issues, according to the company.

    4. Indian Girl awarded ₹22 lakhs from Microsoft for finding a bug in Azure under its Bug Bounty Program – Aditi Singh, a 20-year-old ethical hacker from Delhi, recently received a $30,000 (about Rs 22 lakh) bounty for discovering a remote code execution (RCE) bug in Microsoft’s Azure cloud system under its Bug Bounty Program.

    5. Amazon Web Services announces AWS BugBust—the World’s First Global Competition to Find and Fix 1 Million Software Bugs – Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), announced on 24th June 2021, the AWS BugBust Challenge, the world’s first global challenge for developers to jointly eliminate one million software vulnerabilities. Developers from all over the world can compete for rewards by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities.

    Trending Blogs:

    1. API Testing Learning Path using Postman:  Pricilla B

    2. Optimize Selenium WebDriver Automated Test Scripts: Maintainability: Zhimin Zhan

    3. Simple truths of Software Testing and Automation: Gaurav Singh –

    4. How Much Testing is Enough?: George Pirocanac –

    5. Poka-Yoke in Software Testing: Elevate Your Customer Experience:  Prashant Hegde –

    6. Getting Started With Testing Microservices: Oleksandr Romanov

    7. Which Automation Tool is the Best: Selenium Web Driver| Cypress | WebdriverIO | TestCafe | Playwright: Ekrem Kurt –

    8. Who is responsible for integration testing?: Gerie Owen –

    9. Impressive books for getting started with Automation Testing: Nageswari Priyadarsini –

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