Indian Girl awarded ₹22 lakhs from Microsoft for finding a bug in Azure under its Bug Bounty Program


    Aditi Singh, a 20-year-old ethical hacker from Delhi, recently received a $30,000 (about Rs 22 lakh) bounty for discovering a bug in Microsoft’s Azure cloud system under its Bug Bounty Program. She had discovered a similar bug on Facebook under their Bug Bounty Program just two months prior and received a $7500 payout (approximately over Rs 5.5 lakh). This time too, Aditi has discovered a remote code execution (RCE) bug in Microsoft’s Azure cloud system.

    Aditi identified the RCE bug in Microsoft Azure two months back, and the corporation was told about it as well. However, the corporation did not respond right away because it wanted to see if anyone had downloaded the unsafe version of the system, according to the report. Aditi explained the RCE bug and stated that Developers should first download a Node Package Manager, and only then should they write code.

    Aditi also discussed how she became interested in ethical hacking, a sector in which she has been working for the past two years. Her first hacking incident occurred when she was able to gain access to her next-door neighbor’s Wi-Fi password. When she was studying for the NEET medical entrance exam, she became interested in ethical hacking. Even though she did not complete medical school, she discovered vulnerabilities in over 40 firms, including Facebook, TikTok, Microsoft, Mozilla, Paytm, Ethereum, and HP.

    “I was certain I wanted to get into ethical hacking after I reported an OTP bypass bug in TikTok’s Forgot Password section and won a bounty of $1100,” says Aditi, “There are multiple resources and Google, Twitter and Hacker One that have write-ups with explanations about ethical hacking,” she added.

    Aditi also mentioned that anyone who wishes to acquire deeper hacking techniques should be familiar with a programming language such as Python or JavaScript. She also recommends OSCP, a certification course focused on assisting ethical hackers. She further revealed that the majority of her bounties are spent on buying hacking tools or certificate courses in hacking.

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