Amazon Web Services announces AWS BugBust—the World’s First Global Competition to Find and Fix 1 Million Software Bugs


    Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an, Inc. company, announced on 24th June 2021, the AWS BugBust Challenge, the world’s first global challenge for developers to jointly eliminate one million software vulnerabilities. Developers from all over the world can compete for rewards by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities by launching an AWS BugBust event for their organization in the Amazon CodeGuru platform with just a few clicks. By rectifying vulnerabilities and attaining cost savings for their organizations, developers ascend the AWS BugBust leaderboard to earn achievement badges and exclusive rewards.

    Code reviews are an important part of the software development process. Developers are continually looking for better and less time-consuming ways to undertake code reviews to make their applications more secure, dependable, and efficient as codebases grow larger and new features are introduced to apps at a faster rate.

    “Hundreds of thousands of Amazon Web Services customers are building and deploying new features to applications each day at high velocity and managing complex code at high volumes. It’s difficult to get time from skilled developers to quickly perform effective code reviews since they’re busy building, innovating, and pushing out deployments,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, VP, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services. “Today, we are excited to announce an entirely new approach to help developers improve code quality, eliminate bugs, and boost application performance while saving millions of dollars in application resource costs.”

    AWS BugBust Challenge

    AWS BugBust is the world’s first worldwide bug-busting challenge, challenging engineers to use Amazon CodeGuru to eliminate 1 million software vulnerabilities and $100 million in technical debt for their companies. Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that employs machine learning to detect defects and locate the most costly lines of code in projects. With its two components, Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler, Amazon CodeGuru enables developers to automate code reviews and application profiling.

    Customers can simply arrange AWS BugBust events in the Amazon CodeGuru interface by engaging in the AWS BugBust Challenge, where they can select their apps to profile and evaluate, and then bring on their teams to join in the event. The total number of bugs corrected and cost savings achieved by each participant will be added to the global AWS BugBust leaderboard during the event, making participants eligible for profile badges and exclusive rewards.

    “The Amazon Web Services BugBust Challenge will be a fun and educative addition to our curriculum to help our students become more confident in their ability to use the Python programming language and take their IT careers to the next level,” said Antonio Delgado, Dean of Engineering, Technology, and Design at Miami Dade College. “We plan to use AWS BugBust every semester as a platform for our students to showcase and enhance their coding skills, all while being part of an exciting bug-bashing event.”

    To get started with the Amazon Web Services BugBust Challenge, visit –

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