TestFlix 2022: Global Software Testing Binge – A Huge Success

    TestFlix 2022 from The Test Tribe was the third edition of the Global Software Testing Binge. The aim behind the conference was to create a global stage where Software Testers from maximum countries can share their knowledge via Atomic Talks with others. TestFlix software conference consisted of 60 atomic talks from 61 speakers from 14 countries and covered multiple time zones.

    TestFlix 2022 was the biggest virtual software testing conference with over 12000 registrations from 119 countries and 4000+ companies. Over 3600 people attended the conference making it a huge success. Moreover, the conference was categorized into 14 themes and covered topics like AI/Ml, Automation, Web 3.0, Leadership and Management, DevOps, and much more.

    TestFlix 2022 was a 2-day conference and the opening session on both days was hosted by Paras Pundir. The conference covered many topics and a few of them are as follows:

    • Model based Test Automation by Soumya Mukherjee.
    • 4 Leadership Traits that will make anyone an effective leader by Raj Subrameyer.
    • The Multiverse of Testing – Beyond the Known Universe by Sahil Puri.
    • How to write so that others Read by Anuj Magazine.
    • Become the CEO of your Testing by Ajay Balamurugadas, and many more.

    TestFlix 2022 was sponsored by BrowserStack, Opkey, ACCELQ, PhonePe, Lambdatest, Virtuoso, GSPANN, Yubi, TestGuild, Virtualan, Fasal.

    The last talk of the event was given by Robert Sabourin who presented on the topic – “Risks with Ticket driven Software Testing”. Over 170 people attended the event for more than 16 hours and the event got an average attendee rating of 4.61/5.

    TestFlix 2022 comprised a lot of contests and they were as follows:

    • Social Contest
      • Winner – Rahul Aradhya
      • Winner – Prachi Dahibhate
    • Referral Contest – Saw Participation from over 1200 people.
    • Lucky Draw
      • Winner – Vijayaraghavan Vashudevan
      • Winner – Siddharth
      • Winner – Ash

    Taking part in the TestFlix conference for the second time was a great experience, and I learned a lot. I was happy to experience the friendly and charismatic atmosphere among all participants. There were speakers from all over the world who presented talks, and workshops and allowed the listeners to ask questions and get involved. I’m looking forward to implementing these ideas at my next conference. I networked with many of the participants and exchanged experiences and social handles with the hope of becoming friends and doing the same in the future. Overall, TestFlix was a very enriching and worthwhile experience,” said Prachi Dahibhate, Software QA Engineer at Relfor Labs.

    During the TestFlix 2022 conference, The Test Tribe Community made an announcement about two next major events that they are going organizine. The first, TestAway 3.0, one-of-a-kind Residence Learning Program for Testers which will be taking place from 1st December to 4th December 2022. Second, Worqference, a fusion of Conferences and Workshops on 24-25-26 February 2023, the event will comprise 15+ workshops and cover 10+ themes.

    Interested participants can grab their passes for Worqference.

    “Having spoken at TestFlix events twice, I can honestly say that I always enjoy the experience. In my presentation this year, I discussed how to apply Poka-Yoke in everyday testing. There was a tremendous amount of positive responses from the audience. I’m delighted that the audience found my talk useful,” said Prashant Hegde, Engineering Manager – QA at MoEngage.

    “The Test Tribe community did a fantastic job planning and organizing the event. As a participant, it was a pleasure listening to and learning from the best in the industry. In addition, attendees and speakers alike had the opportunity to network and learn from thousands of testers around the world,” he added.

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