Worqference 2023: A Workshops only Testing Conference by The Test Tribe

    Worqference 2023 – A Workshops only Testing Conference is a fusion of Conferences and Workshops by The Test Tribe. The event will feature 17 Live Workshops across various trending themes in 3 days.

    About The Test Tribe

    The Test Tribe which is India’s largest software testing community, was founded in January 2018. Fast forward to this day, the community has hosted over 160+ software testing events in India, including conferences, workshops, meetings, webinars, hackathons, and more, as well as several virtual events.

    The details of event are as follows:

    The Instructor Lineup for Worqference 2023 is as follows:

    • James Bach
    • Ajay Balamurugadas
    • Siddharth Shukla
    • Dhairya Gangwani
    • Rahul Parwal
    • Sahil Puri
    • Sandeep Garg
    • Anna Royzman
    • Gaurav Narwani
    • Raj Subrameyer
    • Sundaresan Krishnaswami
    • Sumit Mundhada
    • Lavanya Mohan
    • Nishi Bhat
    • Siddhant Wadhwani
    • Filip Hric
    • Balaji Ponnada

    Worqference 2023 will feature 17 Live Workshops on important topics by hand-picked Instructors, and will also provide Practical demonstration-based teaching. All the attendees will be provided a workbook & FAQ doc for each session for post-event guidance. Apart from all this, attendees will be able to clear their doubts in a dedicated Q&A after each session and will also get a lot of networking opportunities.

    For further details and registration for the event visit Worqference 2023 – Workshops only Testing Conference.

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