Weekly Newsletter (2nd Jan’ 21 to 8th Jan’ 21)


    Here’s the Weekly Newsletter from 2nd January’ 2021 to 8th January’ 2021:

    1. Forbes Cybersecurity Awards 2020: Forbes Cybersecurity Awards for the year 2020 were recently conducted, many companies were acknowledged for working tirelessly to make the online world a safer place.

    2. Gartner Peer Insights recognizes Automation Anywhere as Customers’ Choice for RPAAutomation Anywhere Inc., an international leader in Robotic Process Automation, declared on 22nd December 2020 that it was labeled as Customers’ Choice in the December 2020 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Robotics Process Automation.

    3. Top 7 Mobile Automation Testing Tools: Mobile Automation Testing is a process by which application software formulated for handheld mobile devices is tested. It is a process performed to improve quality and the process includes testing several components of mobile web apps.

    4. 12 Days of TestmasThe 12 days of Testmas is a program launched by the people in the Software Testing Community. The program was held from 25th December 2020 and went on till 5th January 2021. This program of 12 days consisted of a set of testing challenges, one allocated for each day.

    5. Blue Prism’s Intelligent Automation to bring benefits for Cloud Users on Microsoft AzureBlue Prism on 4th January 2021 announced a new contribution of Blue Prism intelligent automation software on Azure Marketplaces and Microsoft’s AppSource. The company has expressed that this action will improve access for both Microsoft customers and Blue Prism

    6. 7 Great Alternatives for SeleniumSelenium is an open-source tool that is utilized for automating the tests performed on web browsers. But as the technology progresses especially with the utilization of popular JavaScript structures. Selenium hasn’t been able to adapt to these advances. So here’s a list of the 7 best alternatives to Selenium.

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