Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #47

    We’re back with the 47th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    mabl announces Careers in QA Job Board to help connect Software Testing Talent with Hiring Teams

    mabl announces Careers in QA Job Board, Software Testing News, Trending in Testing, Photo from

    mabl, the pioneer in intelligent test automation as a service, recently announced the establishment of Careers in QA, a niche job board that links software quality experts with recruiters who are assertively seeking candidates.

    Android lock screen bypass bug landed a $70,000 bounty for a researcher

    Android lock screen bypass bug landed a $70,000 bounty, Software Testing News, Photo from

    For privately reporting an “accidental” Android lock screen bypass bug that enabled others to unlock Google Pixel phones without having the passcode, Google has paid a security researcher $70,000.

    Tricentis set to discontinue TestProject in 2023

    TestProject to be discontinued by Tricentis in 2023, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    TestProject was acquired by Tricentis in August 2019, and since then, Tricentis has made sizable investments in the platform. However, the significant work necessary to maintain and update the platform has led Tricentis to the conclusion of retiring TestProject on 31st March 2023.

    Qualitest wins awards for Best Overall Testing Project and Best Agile Project

    Qualitest wins 2 Awards at European Software Testing Awards, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Qualitest Group, recently revealed that it had won two prizes at the 2022 European Software Testing Awards (ESTA). ESTA honors organizations and people who have made noteworthy contributions to the software testing and quality assurance market.

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Testing by Megha Baweja

    Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are all different types of User Acceptance testing (UAT). In this article, Megha has written about the what each type of testing does and the major differences between them.

    What Is Integration Testing? Types, Tools, and Best Practices by Remya Mohanan

    Integration testing reduces bugs, errors, or issues in the interaction between integrated units, components, or modules of the software. Remya writes about the types, tools, and best practices for Integration Testing.

    Understanding Quality Control in Software Testing by Startup Info

    Quality control ensures that the software product meets all quality parameters. It is about verifying the product’s compliance with the functional requirements. In this article, the author has written about the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance, what activities are involved in Quality Control, and more.


    My Innovative Solution to Test Automation: Attach test execution to the existing browser by Zhimin Zhan

    In this article, Zhimin has written about a productivity utility that can save several hours every day for test automation engineers. He has explained What is “Attach test execution to the existing browser” and why it is helpful.

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Automation Testing by Daniel Leibovich

    Success in test automation is less about the quantity of tests written but about the quality of the tests, avoiding mistakes that let costly defects into the production environment. In this article, Daniel has written about some do’s and don’ts of test automation.


    Decentralized Cyber security – An Advanced Approach by Deepti Sachdeva

    Security is getting harder to centralize as the nature of remote work changes and more businesses abandon the physical office. In this article, Deepti has written about Decentralized Cyber security, advantages of decentralized cyber security model, and more.

    Cybercrime Threat Intelligence is More Critical Than Ever by David Carmiel

    Security teams need to have access to timely and relevant threat intelligence to protect their networks against ever-more sophisticated attacks. David has written about the state of cybercrime threat intelligence and why security teams should adopt Cybercrime threat intelligence.


    APIs are essential components of software interoperability. In this article, Stephen has given an overview of data-driven API Testing and has written about the role of data analytics in API testing, and tools for data-driven API testing.

    8 Best API Testing Tools in 2022 by Tasmia Ansari

    API testing allows teams to begin testing an application’s core functionality before the user interface is ready and identify errors. In this article, Tasmia has listed the 8 best API Testing Tools in 2022.


    Working with multiple testng.xml files by Mohammad Faisal Khatri

    Mohammad was working on an open source project and as the project grew, there was a need to create multiple testng.xml files for running different tests. In this article, he has written about usage of multiple testng.xml file and how to execute tests.

    Using Appium To Setup Mobile Testing Automation Framework by Robert Martin

    Appium is a free, open-source test automation framework for native, mobile web, and hybrid applications. In this article, Robert has written about why people should use Appium for Mobile Testing and has also answered a few frequently asked questions about Appium.

    Software Bugs

    How I Found My FIRST Vulnerability/Bug Bounty and How You Can Too by Roberto Lama

    Hacking is a powerful tool that should be employed for good. In this article, Roberto has written about some basic prerequisites and resources that he feels people should know about ethical hacking.

    In the continuation of the first article, Roberto has written a part 2 where he has explained how he found his first read world vulnerability, and how others can too.

    Software Bugs

    Tips for writing clearer Test Reports by Apoorva Ram

    It is important for testers to include all the relevant information about the product which might be important for stakeholders. In this article, Apoorva has listed some tips that Testers can follow for writing clearer Test Reports.

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