Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #38

    We’re back with the 38th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    Cyient strengthens its V&V factory with CyFAST to accelerate hyper-automation

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    Cyient, a global leader in technology solutions, recently unveiled the release of an AI-Powered Framework for Automated System and Software Testing (CyFAST) to expedite end-to-end test automation.

    QualityKiosk and BrowserStack announce partnership extension to the US, EMEA, and APAC

    BrowserStack partners with QualityKiosk, Trending in Testing, Software Testing News, Photo from

    QualityKiosk Technologies, a global provider of quality assurance services, announced the expansion of its partnership with BrowserStack, into the international regions of the United States, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific.

    Leapwork research concludes – 85% of CEOs may not be properly testing software before its release

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    According to a study conducted by software test automation company Leapwork, 85% of U.S. CEOs believe that releasing software that has not been comprehensively tested is not a problem as long as it is patch tested later.

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


    8 Benefits of AI in Software Testing by Madhurjya Chowdhury

    When it comes to automated testing, artificial intelligence is frequently utilized to categorize object applications for all user interfaces. In this article, the author has listed 8 Benefits of AI in Software Testing.

    Five practical ways to get better at software testing by Ajay Balamurugadas

    There is no one governing authority in the field of software testing. Everyone has their own way of defining and performing software testing. In this article, Ajay has explained how to get better at Software Testing.

    Software testing for metaverse experiences: Here’s what you need to know by Rob Mason

    The metaverse presents the next great opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves and transform their digital user experiences. In this article, Rob has written about how software testing for metaverse is different and has also shared the three pillars of the metaverse experience.

    Manual Testing Strategies To Ensure Bug-Free Deployment Of A Mobile Application by Arnab Roy Chowdhury

    The job of a QA is very important in the software development life cycle. In this article, Arnab has written about some manual testing strategies needed to ensure successful defect-free deployment of a mobile application.


    Top 5 Manager’s Questions About Automated Testing by Olya Kabanova

    In this article, Olya has listed the 5 most popular manager’s questions about autotests and has also provided the answer to these questions.

    Why Automation Testing Is Important In Agile Development? by Deeksha Agarwal

    To maintain pace with the latest software development technologies testing needs to be done faster than development. In this article, Deeksha has written about the importance of Automation Testing in Agile Development.

    Not All Bugs Are Found By Automation by Pavel Saman

    There is a lot of content that says all we should do is automation. In this article, Pavel has written about why he disagrees with the above statement and has shared an example of a missed bug to explain himself.


    The 6 Cybersecurity Certifications You Must know About by Dr. Magda Chelly

    Cybersecurity certifications are professional credentials that demonstrate an individual’s competence in cybersecurity topics and baseline skills. In this article, the author has written about 6 such cybersecurity certifications.

    Penetration Testing in 2022: Key Trends and Challenges by Stefanie Shank

    Cyber attacks are steeply increasing, and attackers are cunning, always finding new ways to get what they want. In this article, Stefanie has written about key trends and challenges of penetration testing in 2022.


    Automate API tests the effortless way by Team Merlin

    In this article, the author has written about how users can utilize some existing tools, Postman and Newman, to automate API tests quickly and effortlessly.


    Manage your Cypress tests along with manual ones with like a pro by Yevhen Laichenkov is a free modern and scalable software quality management system for manual and automated tests. In this article, Yevhen has given an overview of

    Selenium or Tosca? Which QA Tool is Right For You by Adam Smock

    In the world of QA tools, many companies strive to find the best and most efficient tool to automate their processes. Adam has compared two such tools in this article – Selenium and Tricentis Tosca.

    Software Bugs

    Google Dork for instant bounties by Ravaan

    Google Dorking, is a hacker technique that uses Google Search and other Google applications to find security holes. In this article, the author has written why Google Dork is one of the quickest ways to know around a system.

    My First Bug Bounty Reward $$$ by Huntsman

    In this article, the author has written about how he was able to get his first bounty and has also shared all the challenges he faced in his journey.

    Account verification code bypass lead to a $4000 bounty by Mohsin Khan

    In this article, Mohsin has written about one of his findings in a private program that fetched him a bounty of $4000.

    Software Bugs

    Stressed out with your role, Here is a piece of advice! by Mohammad Faisal Khatri

    A lot of QAs face the same problem where they are hired for the role of automation engineer, however, what they do in their day to day activity is pure Manual testing. In this article, the author has provided a few advices for them.

    My takeaways from Effective Software Testing by Maurício Aniche by Alex Klibisz

    Alex recently finished reading Effective Software Testing by Maurício Aniche and in this article he has summarized his biggest takeaways from the book.

    Effective Software Testing – A Developer’s Guide by Henrik Warne

    Henrik recently finished reading Effective Software Testing by Maurício Aniche and he found the book extremely valuable. In this article, Henrik has shared his opinion about the book.

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